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Santa Cruz Bicycles - Trans-Cascadia - 2018

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Santa Cruz Bicycles

Between Two Puzzlers - Loris Vergier's Bike Check

Join Jordi Cortes from FOX and Loris Vergier to learn the difference between air and water molecules, why Loris stores his V10 upside down, and how to properly pronounce lubrification.

Watch Puzzlers Episode 3
Santa Cruz Bicycles - Nomad

The Nomad: For the Greatest Hits

Pushing the envelope on how lawless a single-crown bike can get while identifying as a capable daily driver...

This is V10 handling at Syndicate speeds. 

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Santa Cruz Bicycles

Santa Cruz Yuba Hat

Wear it to the beach, go for a run, use it as a dog bowl.

This hat is made of 100% Nylon, so live in it, get it wet and it only comes out better on the other side.

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Danny MacAskill Santa Cruz Trials Bike

The Santa Cruz Danny Mac Bike

Nous avons conçû un nouveau vélo de trial complètement en carbone pour Danny MacAskill—ici même à Santa Cruz, Californie. Découvrez toute l'histoire, les photos et la vidéo du bike check.

Voir Le Vélo Notre Savoir-Faire Carbone
Santa Cruz Bicycles

Supporting Stewards of Singletrack

Nous croyons au fait que sans sentier, ni accès, personne ne s'amusera. C’est pourquoi nous soutenons les organisations et les personnes qui font un travail acharné en tant que magicien du singletrack.

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