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  • Santa Cruz htSQD XC team

    Santa Cruz htSQD XC team

    Santa Cruz Bicycles - htSQD

    The htSQD is a team of three individuals who if you cut them would bleed course tape but who in their own way subvert the spandex nerdiness that has stunk up the place since the 90s.  

    Santa Cruz’s approach to XC in the past has been to support a loose-knit pack of long distance hard nuts. Think Boston Bruins in race-fit kit. But the htSQD, like the Syndicate, are our champagne-hunting, good-time having individuals with character. Racers who are champions on and off the bike

    They’re also the only XC team sponsored by a record label.


    Bringing together the finest bikes, components and equipment to allow the htSQD team to reach the top step.

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