No Time to Cry Poster, with Greg Minnaar racing downhill

No Time to Cry Poster, with Greg Minnaar racing downhill


December 09 — 2020 | Santa Cruz, California

While the latest James Bond film continues to be postponed, The Syndicate steps in for your eyes only... filling the void with a new feature length episode.

Joe Bowman’s gold finger has been on the button to capture the World Championships and World Cups from this spectre of a year.

Sky fall in the shape of rain and snow meant the Worlds was not enough to satisfy most race fans this season. Thankfully the team charged into the following races with a view to a kill. And kill it they did, with Luca returning to form, Loris taking back-to-back wins in Maribor, and Greg taking a 1st and 2nd place in Lousa. Proving you never say never again when it comes to The G.O.A.T.

Dh racing in Lousa
Silver custom-painted Santa Cruz V10
DH racing in Maribor
Red custom-painted Santa Cruz V10
Greg Minnaar Racing DH
Black custom-painted Santa Cruz V10

And Peaty? He’s been like a man on her majesty’s secret service, gathering intel from every corner of the mountain and feeding it back to the riders to prepare for changing track conditions. Thanks to all the crew’s hard work, the Syndicate brought home the #1 team ranking for the year.

“Loris has come a hell of a long way from fresh-faced kid to multiple World Cup winner in the years he's been with us at the Syndicate, it's been an awesome ride and I would like to wish him luck in the future, but not too much luck…….ha ha” - Steve

Greg Minnaar standing on the podium in first place

Greg, Luca and Steve all remain on the team for next year along with all our main partners. You can follow the Santa Cruz Syndicate’s continuing exploits on theteam homepage, Instagram andYoutube.

2020 has been an odd year but we leave the races completely stirred, not shaken, and are looking forward to the 2021 season already. So until then, grab a Vesper Martini, tune into the episode and enjoy a Happy Holidays from all of us!

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