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Let The Heckling Begin
Tâtonner n'est pas chose simple
Le compagnon ultime, puissant et rassurant.
V10 handling at Syndicate speeds.
Not to be typecast
The thrasher's all-terrain play machine.
Our greatest hits compiled into one bike—just hit play.
S'il existait un vélo de XC pour les descendeurs, ce serait le Tallboy
Full gas, 24/7.
Wide open, dawn to dusk.
The road goes on forever and the party never ends
Le Jackal est notre vélo de dirt
Carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon Chameleon…
Santa Cruz Bicycles

The Film

In February 2020, before everything seemed to change, we sent four of our riders to Chile to find the riding hotspots. But as much as this film is about the places they visited it’s about the times they shared and the energy they multiplied. This film is about hanging out with friends and celebrating every minute of the day together.

While we’re in the midst of this global pandemic please respect local health advisories, keep your distance and make clever decisions. The smarter we are now the sooner we’ll all be back out on the trails with friends. 

Santa Cruz Bicycles

Energy Multiplied

The stars of Into 'Im, Chile: Josh "Loosedog" Lewis, Iago Garay, Mitch Ropelato, and Romain Paulhan. Each of these riders is different in every way except that they love two wheels.

Meet These Madmen
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