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Santa Cruz Bicycles - The 2021 Megatower in Purple

Big Day Brawler

The ultimate power-wheeling, bump-chewing sidekick just got fresh new colors and builds for summer.

See what's new with Megatower.

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Santa Cruz Bicycles
Santa Cruz Bicycles
Puzzling Ain’t Easy
Santa Cruz Bicycles - Nomad 4 Eggplant and Aquarius Green
V10 handling at Syndicate speeds.
Santa Cruz Bicycles
The ultimate power-wheeling, bump-chewing sidekick.
Santa Cruz Bicycles
Let The Heckling Begin
Santa Cruz Bicycles
Not to be typecast
Santa Cruz Bicycles 5010
Get creative with your surroundings.
Santa Cruz Bicycles
Our greatest hits compiled into one bike—just hit play.
Santa Cruz Bicycles
If ever there was a gravity riders’ XC bike, the Tallboy is it.
Santa Cruz Bicycles
Full gas, 24/7.
Santa Cruz Bicycles
Wide open, dawn to dusk.
Santa Cruz Bicycles
The road goes on forever and the party never ends
Santa Cruz Bicycles - Jackal - 26
Jackal is an opportunistic scavenger of man-made terrain.
Santa Cruz Bicycles
Carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon Chameleon…
Santa Cruz Bicycles - The Santa Cruz Youtube Channel

Kick Back

Cracking on through the Chilean Andes, hitting the cobbles of Belgium at full blast, and going wide open through the trees in Morzine. You can find it all on the Santa Cruz and Syndicate Youtube channels.

Who really uses their TV for anything other than streaming now, anyway? Hit play and remind yourself of good times and fast rides.

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Santa Cruz Bicycles - Model Year 2021 Hightower in Gray

Fresh Builds and New Colors

From Highball to Hightower, our range of bikes just got fresh new colors and the latest components for the peak of riding season.

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Santa Cruz Bicycles - The Heckler E-MTB

The Heckler e-MTB

In 1996 the Heckler was created as a rude interruption to mountain bike designs of the time. Its solid, full suspension build and aggressive swagger proved that a well-proportioned trail bike could elevate rider’s on-trail experiences. Today’s Heckler carries all that attitude forward into a new era.

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