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Let The Heckling Begin

In 1996 the Heckler was created as a rude interruption to mountain bike designs of the time. Its solid, full suspension build and aggressive swagger proved that a well-proportioned trail bike could elevate rider’s on-trail experiences. Today’s Heckler carries all that attitude forward into a new era.

A full carbon frame, VPP suspension and pedal-assist technology have merged to create something light and agile that amplifies the fun.

Like all Santa Cruz bikes, the Heckler pedals well regardless of watts involved. The lower link VPP approach is tweaked to deliver slightly lower anti-squat versus a Bronson. This adds a touch more support and traction over rough stuff when pedalling seated - a major advantage of having a Shimano motor on your side.

And like every Santa Cruz bike, the Heckler is built for the rigors of true mountain biking. Shimano electronics were chosen for their refinement and reliability, while quality pivot hardware, easily replaceable radial bearings and no-nonsense internal cabling were considered with a mechanics sanity in mind!

Creating an electric mountain bike demanded careful consideration. For us, the Heckler’s potential to loft riders up to new heights is what gets us most excited. Trailblazers like Greg Williams and Danny MacAskill weren’t asking for a dumbed-down ride up. Or down. They wanted something to push their riding to new levels. And held maneuverability sacrosanct as the new tech was introduced.

The Heckler’s boundaries aren’t defined by distance, laps, or time. The boundaries in our head that say, “Don’t bother”, “Turn back”, “Impossible.” Smashing these boundaries is what got us hooked on riding in the first place. Heckler’s not about taking things easy, it’s about making things possible.

  • Want something similar but 100% self-powered? Try the Bronson.
  • Want even more boost? Speak to Elon at Space-X.

Key Features:

  • Available in: Carbon CC More Info
  • Wheel size: 27.5"
  • Front travel: 160mm
  • Rear travel: 150mm
  • Drive Unit: Shimano DU-E8000
  • Battery capacity: 504wh
  • Priced from $7399 (MSRP)

The Lost Sierras // Unlocking Rare Rides

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Heckler Tech

The Heckler is built for the rigors of true mountain biking. The entire parts spec (particularly the Shimano motor and battery) was carefully chosen for its performance, reliability and after sales support.

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Build & Price

Up Close

Geometry & Sizing

Rollover table below to highlight frame dimensions.

CHead Tube Angle65.5°65.5°65.5°65.5°65.5°65.5°65.5°65.5°65.5°65.5°
DSeat Tube Length390mm15.35"405mm15.94"430mm16.93"460mm18.11"500mm19.69"
EFront Center742mm29.21"766mm30.16"792mm31.18"823mm32.4"859mm33.82"
FBB Height346mm13.62"346mm13.62"346mm13.62"346mm13.62"346mm13.62"
GBB Drop13mm0.51"13mm0.51"13mm0.51"13mm0.51"13mm0.51"
IRear Center445mm17.52"445mm17.52"445mm17.52"445mm17.52"445mm17.52"
JHead Tube Length110mm4.33"120mm4.72"135mm5.31"150mm5.91"175mm6.89"
KTop Tube Length572mm22.52"595mm23.43"619mm24.37"650mm25.59"682mm26.85"
LSeat Tube Angle76.2°76.2°76.1°76.1°76°76°75.9°75.9°75.4°75.4°
MStandover Height720mm28.35"745mm29.33"743mm29.25"741mm29.17"741mm29.17"
NEye to Eye Length210mm8.27"210mm8.27"210mm8.27"210mm8.27"210mm8.27"
Seatpost Length125mm125mm125-150mm125-150mm150-175mm150-175mm170-175mm170-175mm170-200mm170-200mm
Stem Length50mm50mm50mm50mm50mm50mm50mm50mm50mm50mm
Crank Length165mm165mm165mm165mm165mm165mm165mm165mm165mm165mm
Geometry Illustration LayerreachGeometry Illustration LayerstackGeometry Illustration LayerheadtubeanGeometry Illustration LayerseattubelenGeometry Illustration LayerfrontcenterGeometry Illustration LayerbbheightGeometry Illustration LayerbbdropGeometry Illustration LayerwheelbaseGeometry Illustration LayerchainstayGeometry Illustration LayerheadtubelenGeometry Illustration LayertoptubeGeometry Illustration LayerseattubeanGeometry Illustration LayerstandoverGeometry Illustration LayereyetoeyeGeometry Illustration Layerbase

Frame Sizing

5'1"155 — 5'5"165cm
5'5"165 — 5'9"175cm
5'9"175 — 6'1"185cm
6'1"185 — 6'4"193cm
6'4"193 — 6'7"201cm

Tech Support

Can I connect a light or other accessory to my bike's battery?

Yes, Shimano supplies two ports on the drive unit to support Shimano or Shimano approved accessories.

Can I fly with my Heckler?

Can I ride without the battery?

No - the cover is attached to the battery so if you take the battery out you'll have a gaping hole in your downtube.

Can I run my old Bronson shock? What about a coil shock?

No, we spec shocks that best fit and ride with this bike. You cannot run a Bronson shock, not even Bronson 3 shock as it needs bushings on both sides. The Heckler is not coil shock compatible.

Can I update the firmware myself?

Yes, detailed firmware update instructions are located on the Shimano STEPS app or software.

Do I need any special tools to work on my Heckler on the trail?

This bike uses Shimano STEPS for the drive unit so no special tools are needed. You may want to add a Di2 tool and 4mm for battery removal to your toolkit, though.

Does the Hecker have an E-bike fork?

Yes - all forks we spec on the Heckler are e-bike compatible.

How do I connect my device to Steps via Bluetooth?

For e7000 you connect your device via the E-tube app within 15 seconds of turning Steps system on. For e8000, power the system on, go to Bluetooth-LE menu on display by pressing the button on the bottom of the display and connect via the E-tube app.

Is the system waterproof?

The Shimano STEPS System is water-resistant and our frame is designed to drain water. However, we don't recommend power washing any of our bikes. 

Is there an option for a front derailleur?


What does error W013 mean?

This code is caused by putting pressure on the pedal when turning on the system. Take a deep breath, calm down, turn it off, and try again with no pressure on the pedals.

What happens if the system loses power?

The Heckler can still be pedaled without the battery/motor active. If the loss of power wasn't due to fully draining the battery contact Customer Service.

What is the battery capacity?

504 watt-hours.

What is the recommend fork?

Our geometry is based off a 160mm fork with a 44-46mm offset. You can run a longer fork, but it does affect the geometry as the bike was optimized for the fork we specified. Save the dual crown fork for your V10.

What size tire will fit?

The Heckler is optimized for 27.5"x2.6", but can run 2.5's up to 2.8's, though tire changes will affect BB height, geometry, and maximum assist speed calculations.

What's the battery range?

The battery capacity is 504 Watt-Hours. Many factors determine range; weight, location, gradient, mode you're riding in, ambient temperature, etc. We suggest using the range function on the display unit for the best estimate.

What's the difference between two displays?

e7000 has a black and white screen and is slightly smaller than the e8000. The e8000 display is larger, has a color screen, backlight brightness adjustments and a power assist indicator (graph).

Where can I find additional technical information for my Heckler?

Check out the E-bike tech page, Shimano STEPS, and the bike archive for more information.