Pit Gossip With the Syndicate

April 05 — 2020

What's going on when there's nothing else going on. Filmed during the 2019 season, Pit Gossip is a collection of puzzling queries answered by Marshy, Dougy, and P.A. and captured on the Syndicate channel for posterity. You might have a little extra time on your hands right now; why not use it to learn a thing or two about mountain bike setups and race prep from the guys who chase the Syndicate around the world on a regular basis.

There aren't too many opportunities to see inside the pits of the Syndicate, get a piece by piece catalog of a World Cup mechanics toolbox, learn about the difference in plier choices for snipping tires, or get a glimpse at the notebooks that Marshy's been meticulously keeping for years.


Here's a taste of the hard-hitting journalism within:

  • What's in P.A.'s toolbox?
  • Why does Dougy have so many red notebooks? What mysteries do they contain about the future of mountain biking?
  • Why is Marshy suddenly wielding a caulking gun?
  • How much does this thing weigh? How about this thing?


2017 was the year the Syndicate came out swinging with the new 29er V10 to complement the 27.5 platform that had been proven and established in previous seasons. A few things changed in the pits as a result, and the guys also started running Reserve Carbon DH wheels in a 29er flavor. If you're really curious skip about tire setups, skip to the episode called "Marshy's Fort William Tyre Setup for Greg Minnaar", grab your favorite rounded off Torx, and kick back.

Youtube's binge mode kicks in after the first video, so there's a chance you might get stuck here for a while. You can always select something different by clicking the menu in the upper right-hand corner, too. There's more coming in the 2020 season so give the Syndicate channel go and subscribe if you like what you see.