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Ben Cathro Is the Privateer

April 23 — 2020 | Santa Cruz HQ

He's Back & Episode One

Ben Cathro is the new Privateer. It's been six years since Cathrovision started and Ben began storming the tracks of enduro and World Cup DH tracks around with a camera in hand.

He hit us with hot takes on rolling through Andorra's dusty slickness, the sniper lines through the trees at Leogang, and the breakdown of how the hell Greg survived a pedal-clip-to-gap at MSA. After offering all that free race strategy and coaching to riders everywhere, what else is a guy to do other than... take it to the bank and start racing again.

Walk the Talk follows Ben's return to World Cup racing in 2020. The first two episodes are out now on Pinkbike and there's more yet to come.


Episode Two

Done with EP 1 already? Here's the second: hoofing it to Barcelona for a few much-needed UCI points and then it's on to the World Cup in Lousa.