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Danny MacAskill: The Slabs

January 26 — 2021 | In the heart of the Black Cuillin on the Isle Of Skye

We’ve learned before that the laws of physics only loosely apply to Danny, and in particular when he’s visiting the Isle of Skye. This time around he’s taken a page from local climbers who favor a steep, slick section of 500m of uninterrupted slab rock in Loch Coruisk. 

To quote the man himself, ‘Ooo, scary…‘. It’s the ultimate big mountain rock roll; lines that only Danny can make look so smooth.

Danny MacAskill sitting on his Santa Cruz 5010
Danny MacAskill riding down the slabs on his Santa Cruz 5010
Danny MacAskill hiking up a rock slab with his 5010 on his back

Rider: Danny MacAskill

Video by: Peny

Images by: Dave Mackison

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Behind the scenes of The Slabs gives you a peek into the unique challenges involved scoping, sorting out, and riding lines on the sometimes grippy and sometimes slick rock of The Dubh Slabs.