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Danny MacAskill's Virtual Insanity

August 24 — 2020 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ever wondered what Danny Mac sees as he’s teetering along one of those ridiculously high ridges or balancing on the edge of a bridge?  We certainly have.  So Danny has created his very own Virtual Reality Experience to share a taste of the insanity he puts himself through.

Despite the unattainable nature of Danny’s stunts his motivation is to make mountain biking as relatable as possible to as many people he can.  From using wooden pallets as obstacles to riding stock parts on his mountain bikes, Danny’s brand of riding is intentionally creative yet accessible.  The VR Experience takes this ethos to a whole nother level.

Danny MacAskill riding a virtual bike

The project was commissioned by RIDE OUT, a new bicycle store that opened in Amsterdam earlier this year.  As a Santa Cruz dealer in one of the world’s least mountainous countries, they were looking to give customers a taste of what proper mountain biking can offer.  Perhaps they took it a bit far!?

The idea was conceived by Danny’s friends at Cut Media in Glasgow and brought to life by REWIND studios in London.  The best bit is that it’s free to try for all RIDE OUT’s customers so if you’re in the area then go give it a shot!


Stadionplein 22

1076 CM Amsterdam


Steve Peat riding a virtual bike