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Sven Martin


Sven Martin


Sundays with Sven - The Series

June 22 — 2020 | All 'Round the World Cup

A new weekly series that chronicles the intimate moments between photographer Sven Martin and The Santa Cruz Syndicate.

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A few words from the man himself

"As a photographer, time is normally a commodity I severely lack in life but as a mountain bike photographer specializing in racing, it's something I now have in abundance. It's been a cathartic and fulfilling process dusting off the old hard drives. Sorting, cataloguing and compiling my favourite images and memories they evoke. A task that, no doubt, would have been left until retirement if it weren’t for these current times.

When following, documenting and photographing a singular subject over  such a long period of time, certain patterns and story lines emerge. If a picture is worth a thousand words then I have a volume of encyclopedias filled with stories, memories and intimate moments documenting the Santa Cruz Syndicate over the past fifteen years.

Where and how does one even begin a project like this? A team of such stature, steeped in both legend and glory with titles and records and the personalities to match. Actually the answer is easy. Steve Peat! The one and only, who, like a fine wine, just keeps getting better with age. From securing the World Cup title in 2006, his very first year with the Syndicate, to grabbing hold of the Rainbow Jersey in 2009 and now aiding and paving the way for the future, each Sunday I will be sharing some of those split seconds in time here. The highs, the lows, the grit and glory with some behind the scenes tech and story."

- Sven Martin