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The road goes on forever and the party never ends

When the Stigmata was resurrected in 2015, we fused a number of MTB standards and design features to create our spin on the modern CX bike. Something must have clicked, because within months of launch it raced to victory at the legendary Three Peaks, and has continued to contend at elite cyclocross races around the world.

Nowadays, the internally routed disc brakes, generous tire clearance and thru-axles approach that made the Stigmata famous have become more of a norm, so we took a fresh look at which standards the riders of tomorrow wanted access to today.

Threaded bottom brackets remain a perennial favourite across our entire line thanks to their proven robust, cost-effective and compatible design. “If it ain’t broke…” ...and it never is. Fender mounts add a bit of CYA, and highlight the Stigmata’s ever-widening scope of purpose. We added to that with three bottle cage mounts so that the frame can still hold at least one normal bottle even when running a front triangle bag.

Deeper adventures, bigger tires perhaps? The frame now clears up to a 45mm 700c or a 2.1” 650b tire. Marry the latter to our Force/X01 AXS mashup kit and you’ve got yourself the kind of drop-bar singletrack and gravel rallycat we can all get onboard with.

And when it comes to good old-fashioned off-road etiquette, the Stigmata’s had some coaching at the Highball school of stiffness, handling, and offroad feel. The carbon layup borrows knowledge gained from not just the Highball, but also Danny MacAskill’s trials bike, to produce a ride so law-abiding you’d think HR had sent it on a compliance training course.

Geometry plays a big part here too, so we’ve made tweaks to improve handling for smaller riders and reduce toe overlap. The reworking of the 52/54cm frames means the Stigmata now comfortably suits riders from 5’3” and up. Meanwhile different fork offsets—50mm for the 52-54cm sizes, and 45mm for the 56-61cm sizes—help ensure your little piggies don’t go to market on the front wheel.

Topped off with tidy details like 12mm front axle, flat mount brakes and build-specific Reserve wheel packages, the Stigmata is designed to let you decide whatever the heck you want this category to be.

Key Features:

Available in: Carbon CC
Wheel Size: 700c & 650b
Tire Clearance: 45mm (700c) or 2.1" (650b)

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Reach 372380388392405
Stack 555576596609628
Head Tube Angle 71°71.5°72°72°72°
Seat Tube Length 495520545565590
Front Center 595600610618637
BB Height 280282282284284
BB Drop 7472727070
Wheelbase 10091015102510341053
Rear Center 425425425425425
Head Tube Length 130150170185205
Top Tube Length 526545565572591
Seat Tube Angle 74.5°74°73.5°73.5°73.5°
Standover Height 754776797816834



Frame Sizing

If you're on the cusp between the recommended height range of two sizes, the absolute best thing is to try to ride them both. At a minimum, check the stack/reach measurements on your current bike and compare it to the new model you are looking at to get an idea of a fit you are already comfortable with. If riding the bike is not an option, consider the following.

Body Dimension

Not all bodies at a given height are the same. If you have longer legs and a shorter torso than the average person your height, that may push you towards the smaller of the recommended sizes. If you're all torso and arms, most likely you'll want to size up.



160 - 168cm
160 - 168cm


168 - 175cm
168 - 175cm


175 - 183cm
175 - 183cm


183 - 188cm
183 - 188cm


188 - 196cm
188 - 196cm


The 2022 Stigmata
2 cyclists riding the 2022 Stigmata
2 cyclists riding the 2022 Stigmata
2 cyclists riding the 2022 Stigmata
Riding the 2022 Stigmata on singletrack trail
The 2022 Stigmata
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Stigmata Maintenance Profile

Maintenance Information

Reserve Wheels

How to find your serial number

Something not right? Use our warranty claim form to file a claim. We'll do everything we can to get you back to riding as fast as possible.

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If you have any other questions or would like to follow up on a warranty claim, contact our Warranty Department.

Stigmata Tech Support

Front DerailleurClamp
Headset/HeadtubeIntegrated (IS41/52)
Seat Post27.2mm
Seat Clamp31.8mm
BB Shell68mm Threaded
Max Tire Size2.1"
Max Chainring Size50t
Water Bottle Mounts3
Brake MountFlat Mount (32mm caliper bolts)

Can I put a dropper post on my bike?

Yes! We've included options for routing internally-routed dropper posts on the Stigmata. Just make sure you order a 27.2mm post

Can I use "Road+" tires on my Stigmata?

Yes, definitely. Road+ (otherwise known as 650x47) will work on pavement or moderate terrain. For rocky or more uneven terrain, we'd recommend something larger to keep the BB a little higher. 27.5x2.0 is better for this use, or something in the 700x35-45c range.

Does the Stigmata work with fenders?

Yes. We designed it to work with up to 700x35 or 27.5x2.0 while using fenders. Tires and fenders vary greatly, so treat these numbers as guidelines, not gospel.  

How big of a tire will fit?

The frame and fork will accept up to a 700x45 or 27.5x2.1" tire.

How many water bottle cages will fit?

The Stigmata has mounts for 3 bottles. One is under the downtube, and the other two are inside the front triangle.

I rarely take my wheels off, and want a cleaner look.... Can I get wheel axles without handles?

We include Rockshox's excellent Maxle Ultimate axles with the Stigmata, for ease of use. If you want the cleanest setup, use Maxle Stealth or another aftermarket solution. Front axle is 125mm long, 12mm diameter, 12mm thread length, M12X1.50 thread. Rear axle is 174mm long, 12mm diameter, 20mm thread length, M12X1.75 thread

I want to put a different fork on my Stigmata. What specs are important?

Our fork is 395mm axle-crown, so you want to be pretty close to that. We spec 50mm rake on the 49, 52, and 54cm bikes, and 45mm rake on larger sizes.

Sweet- the Stigmata has fender mounts at the dropouts! Can I use those to mount a rack?

No, the fender mounts are strictly for fenders. They were not built to carry a rack or weight.

What brake rotor size is compatible?

The Stigmata uses standard "flat-mount" brake mounts. These are compatible with 140mm or 160mm rotors, depending on the adapter/orientation

What cranks are compatible with the Stigmata?

This bike uses a 68mm threaded BB, so any crank compatible with that standard should work great.  

What do I need to mount fenders?

Bikes and frames include the custom seat stay mount that we designed, as there is no traditional seat stay bridge on the Stigmata. Other than that, you should only need the hardware that comes with your fenders.

What front derailleurs is the Stigmata compatible with?

We've built this bike to accept electronic FDs, or modern cable-actuated FD's from Shimano (7000/8000/9000 series). Mechanical FDs from SRAM won't work, as they lack the integrated housing stop that's necessary with our cable routing.  

What kind of headset does this bike use?

This bike uses integrated headset cups. The upper is 41mm and the lower is 52mm. The SHIS name is IS 41/28.6 IS 52/40. The fork uses an integrated 1.5" crown race, with a 36* taper angle. We know that's a lot of specs to worry about, so we made sure that every Stigmata comes with a compatible headset, whether you're purchasing a frameset or complete bike.

What size chainrings will fit?

With 1x, you can use up to 42t. For 2x, we've built it to accept up to a 36t small ring and 50t big ring.

Tobin O. getting ready for a ride, putting on his shoes while his mechanic check over his 2022 Blur
Tobin O. getting ready for a ride, putting on his shoes while his mechanic check over his 2022 Blur

Lifetime Warranty and Support

Missing a ride sucks. That's why we build the very best bikes and offer legendary rider support for life so that you don't.

We design our bikes to last, to be easy to work on and we make sure to provide the parts and information so you can make your bike last for many lifetimes.

We take No Missed Rides seriously, so we keep stock of every small part and spare to keep you rolling. Head over to the shop to find what you need.