Santa Cruz Bicycles - V10 6 Downhill Bike

The Most Successful Downhill Bike of All Time, Reinvented.

You're on the hunt for information about a previous year of the V10, and we're in the process of updating that information. In the meantime...




Key Features:

  • Wheel size: 27.5"
  • Rear travel: 216mm

The All-New Santa Cruz V10

Geometry & Sizing

Rollover table below to highlight frame dimensions.

High Setting

The V10 has two geometry settings, which are easily adjustable with a 6mm hex wrench. The 'high' setting results in a 64-degree head tube angle, and the 'low' setting slackens it by a half-degree and drops the bottom bracket by a quarter-inch for even more stability at higher speeds.

All measurements reflect installation of a fork with a 586.1mm axle-to-crown height.

Head Tube Angle64°64°64°64°64°64°64°64°64°64°
Seat Tube Length444.5mm17.5"457.2mm18"463.6mm18.25"469.9mm18.5"470mm18.5"
Front Center
BB Height360mm14.17"360mm14.17"360mm14.17"360mm14.17"360mm14.17"
BB Drop
Chainstay Length440mm17.32"440mm17.32"440mm17.32"440mm17.32"450mm17.72"
Head Tube Length100mm3.94"100mm3.94"110mm4.33"120mm4.72"130mm5.12"
Top Tube Length570mm22.44"595mm23.43"625mm24.61"655mm25.79"682mm26.85"
Seat Tube Angle59°59°59°59°58°58°57.5°57.5°57.5°57.5°
Standover Height730.7mm28.77"731.3mm28.79"728.7mm28.69"728mm28.66"728mm28.66"
Eye to Eye Length

Frame Sizing

5'0"152 — 5'4"163cm
5'4"163 — 5'8"173cm
5'8"173 — 5'11"180cm
5'11"180 — 6'2"188cm
6'2"188 — 6'5"196cm

Tech Support

Can I mount a chainguide to my bike?

Yes, this bike is equipped with ISCG-05 tabs for easy chainguide mounting.  Most chainguides on the market that are made for this standard should work.

Should I grease the headset cups when I install them?

Yes, we recommend this. Do not use the Carbon Assembly Compound on the headset, as it will make it more difficult to remove from the frame.

What kind of headset does the V10 use?

The V10 uses a standard 1.5" headtube. We spec a 49mm internal headset (Zero Stack). The SHIS name is ZS49/28.6 ZS49/30.

What kind of rear brake adaptor do I need?

This frame uses a standard IS rear brake mount. Just pick your rotor size and order the correct adaptor to go from IS to post mount (all modern brakes).

What size bottom bracket shell does this bike use?

The V10 uses an 83mm threaded BB. Most downhill cranks are compatible with this standard.

What size hub do I need?

The V10 uses a 157x12mm through-axle rear hub. An axle is included with purchase of a frame or complete bike.

What size seat collar do I need?

Bikes with a 30.9mm seatpost require a 34.9mm seat collar. 

What size seatpost do I need?

We use a 30.9mm seatpost. Always ensure it is inserted into the frame a minimum of 100mm (4").

What size shock does the V10 use?

This generation of the V10 (V10.6) uses an 8.75"x2.75" shock (222x70mm).  Mounting hardware is 22x8mm- or 21.8x8mm if you have a Rockshox shock.