The Syndicate earns #1 Team of the 2017 World Cup Season

Kathy Sessler


Kathy Sessler saw the premiere of On Any Sunday in 1971 and it changed her life. She began promoting races at the dirt lots on her street, at the age of 13 and 14 (1971, '72), and has some of the most historical film of pre-BMX history that exists, shot on her dad's 8mm movie camera.

In 1989, she got on, as she says, a 'piece of crap' mountain bike, rode off in the hills by her house, came home and proclaimed, "I'm going to race mountain bikes."

This started a 8-year professional racing career, from 1990-1997. She was 3-time Veteran Downhill National Champion and Bronze, Silver and Gold Medallist at World Championships in 1994, 1992, and 1996, respectively.

She was the first professional racer for Intense Cycles and the first Maxxis girl, then went on to be a bicycle stuntwoman in 1997, working over 40 episodes of "Pacific Blue," along with other commercials and TV shows, including more recent work on Blue Bloods.

She managed the Intense Cycles team in 2001 and 2002, then the Intense Tire Systems team (who were riding Santa Cruz bicycles) in 2003. That team became the Santa Cruz Syndicate, and Kathy's been with us ever since!

Read the interview with Kathy on Pinkbike "Running the Santa Cruz Syndicate."


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