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Josh Tostado


From hucking 70-foot jumps on skis to 24-hour mountain bikes racing, it’s safe to say that Josh Tostado is wired a bit differently to most. Calling Breckenridge, Colorado home, Josh made the jump from snow and skis to bikes and dirt when he was 30 and hasn’t looked back.

Thriving upon the unique challenges of spending countless hours in the saddle, Josh continues to compete in the kind of events that would give most of us nightmares. This former US 24 Hour National Champion has stood on countless podiums during his 17-years of racing including the Breckenridge 100, 24 Hours of Moab and the 24 Hour Solo World Championships.



Bike Setup

  • Frame: Blur V3
  • Frame: Highball 29

Career Highlights


  • 1st 24 Hours of Old Pueblo


  • 3rd True Grit 100
  • 1st 12 Hours in the Wild West
  • 1st 12 Hours of Mesa Verde
  • 3rd 24 Hour World Championships
  • 3rd Breck 100
  • 4th High Cascades 100


  • 1st Crested Butte 100
  • 3rd Pierre’s Hole 100
  • 3rd Tatanka 100
  • 4th Gunnison Growler
  • 15th Grand Junction Off Road
  • 30th Whiskey Off Road
  • 1st 12 Hours in the Wild West
  • 5th True Grit 100
  • 30th Whiskey Off Road
  • 16th Grand Junction Off Road

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