Santa Cruz Bicycles - Danny MacAskill

Danny MacAskill


Few have the ability to interpret their surroundings like Danny MacAskill, translating many a mundane urban zone into bicycle playgrounds. For Danny, this unique way of looking at the world coupled with the bike handling skills to go with it, have made him a household name.

What started in relative isolation on his native Isle of Skye, developed further on the historical streets of Edinburgh before exploding on the Internet and into the homes of millions. From bike shop mechanic to street trails megastar and one of the most down to earth guys in the game, Danny isn’t afraid to challenge preconceived notions of what’s possible on a mountain bike.

In 2017 Danny helped us test the Santa Cruz Reserve wheels to death and then in 2018 Danny's first full-carbon frame-and-fork trials bike rolled out of our carbon lab. It was 18 months, 11 prototypes, and one rental apartment oven in the making. 


Bike Setup

  • Frame: Heckler e-MTB
  • Frame: Custom Full-Carbon Trials Bike (The Danny Bike)
  • Frame: 5010 V3
  • Rims: Santa Cruz Reserve Carbon

Career Highlights

  • "Wee Day Out" Video
  • The Drop & Roll Tour
  • "The Ridge" Video
  • "Imaginate" Video
  • "Way Back Home" Video