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Model Version:1
Production Start:1998
Production End:2005
Suspension/Pivot System:Single Pivot
Material:Aluminum - 6000 series
Rear Wheel Travel:152mm or 178mm
Size Range:S,M,L,XL

Frame Specs

Compatible Forks:1998-01 frames with no side plate gussets - 160mm forks max / 2002-05 frames with side plate gussets - 200mm forks max
Headtube/Headset:1-1/8" Straight - External. S.H.I.S EC34/28.6 EC34/30
Seat Post:28.6mm - Minimum insertion 100mm
Front Derailleur:34.9mm Top Pull/Top Swing (Low Clamp)
BB Shell Width:68mm - Threaded - ISO
Chainline Spec:50mm
Recommended Max Tire Size:2.5 - may vary by tire and rim model
Brakes:Rim Brake and/or ISO Disc Brake Mounts
Max Brake Rotor Size:180mm
Rear Hub:135mm x 10mm (QR style)
Seatpost Clamp:34.9mm

Shock Specs

Rear Shock Eye-to-Eye:7.875”/ 200mm or 8.5”/ 215mm
Stroke:2.25"/ 57mm or 2.5"/ 63mm
Mounting Bushing Width Front:21mm
Mounting Bushing Width Rear:41mm
Mounting Bolt Diameter Front:8mm
Mounting Bolt Diameter Rear:8mm
Leverage Ratio:2.6 : 1 for 152mm travel or 2.8 : 1 for 178mm travel
Rear Shock Setup:Because it is highly likely the original rear shocks on older models are repaired/replaced/ upgraded throughout the lifetime of the frame, we offer some very basic tuning guidelines, and recommend using the original rear shock manufacturers manual for more detailed set-up for the specific rear shock you have. Contact the rear shock manufacturer for info if you do not have it.The key component for set-up with any rear shock here is sag. Once you have that set-up correctly, the rest of the shock settings are fine tuning adjustments (Rebound and Compres- sion damping, etc.) set to rider preference.Recommended sag is 10-15mm at the shock shaft for 152mm Travel set-up or 16-20mm for 178mm Travel set-up - This equates to approximately 15-25% of the total rear wheel travel. Less sag = a firmer suspension feel.For Air rear shocks, set the air pressure to match the recommended sag. This varies greatly by rear shock used.For Coil rear shocks here is a rough spring size to weight guideline for average coil shocks. This can vary based on rear shock model and manufacturer (Below is with a Fox Coil used).100-130lbs - 400#140-160lbs - 450#170-200lbs - 500#210-240lbs - 550-600#
Rear Shock Notes:Rear Shock and Travel Upgrade for 1998-2001 framesThe 1999-2001 Bullit came with the 7.875" x 2.25" size rear shock as standard and152mm of total rear wheel travel. Riders with pre-2002 model Bullit frames can upgrade to a 8.5" x 2.5" size rear shock, and get 178mm of rear wheel travel. Just the correct 8.5" x 2.5" size rear shock is required. You will lose the adjustability of the shock shuttle (a worthwhile tradeoff in our opinion), as you need to put the shock shuttle all the way in the forward position, tighten it up, and leave it there.You can also upgrade to the 2002-on two position style shock shuttle, but you will still need to keep it in the forward position.All Bullit models from 2002-on came with the 8.5" x 2.5" size rear shock as standard, get 178mm of rear wheel travel and can still use both the forward and aft shock shuttle shuttle positions.

Torque Specs

Main Pivot BoltLoctite 24280 inch lbs -
Shock shuttle bolts and nylock nutsnone - nylock nuts56 inch lbs-
Front and rear shock mounting boltsnone - nylock nuts132 inch lbs-
Main pivot bearing pinch bolts Loctite 24240 inch lbs-

Replacement Parts

Bearings-Only Part Number:Bearing - Enduro R8 2Rs Enduro Max Cartridge Bearings ID=1/2" OD=1-1/8" W=5/16"
QR Seatpost Collar:34-15543
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