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Santa Cruz Image
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The ultimate power-wheeling, bump-chewing sidekick

The Megatower is the fusion of big wheels and the biggest-hitting suspension system. It’s a modern day brawler, as suited to diehard racers as it is to riders wanting to conquer their hometown trails.

Tracing its roots to the Hightower, and now featuring the lower link-driven VPP suspension derived from the V10, the Megatower is the most capable, confidence-inspiring 29er trail bike in our line-up. The lower-link mounted shock configuration – designed for compatibility with both air (160mm fork) and coil shocks (170mm fork) – provides a progressive shock rate that has unmatched traction and bottom out resistance, making it ideal for taming the longest descents and rowdiest hits.

In order to make the Megatower stride confidently across the globe it has an enormous amount of clever adjustability hidden in its bones. A tidy and concealed flip chip in the lower-link adjusts bottom bracket height and changes progressivity of the rear suspension. A second, in the rear dropouts, allows for a 10mm fore-aft adjustment in chainstay length to dial in the rider’s rearward weight distribution - either set for play or for stability. The flip chips are a robust mechanism for riders looking to tune their ride according to their needs without compromising reliability and durability. No wackadoo mousetraps and frail proprietary shocks here.

The Megatower isn’t all fight and fury, it’s smart and savvy too. It has a sharp, 76-degree seat tube angle for winching to the top of the kinds of descents where having a roomier cockpit and a 65-degree head tube angle will come in handy. And you can still carry around a full water bottle inside the frame (even with a piggyback shock), and the frame is well protected with a shock fender, shuttle guard, downtube protector and ribbed chainstay protector.

Key Features:

  • Available in: Carbon C & Carbon CC More Info
  • Wheel size: 29"
  • Front travel: 160mm
  • Rear travel: 160mm
  • Priced from €4799 (MSRP)
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Geometría y dimensiones

Rollover table below to highlight frame dimensions.


Flip chip in rear dropout has two positions: short and long. Flipping the chip changes chainstay and wheelbase length by 10mm.

Note: Geometry based on 160mm fork.

CÁngulo del tubo de dirección65°65°65°65°65°65°65°65°65°65°
DLongitud del tubo de dirección380mm14.96"405mm15.94"430mm16.93"460mm18.11"500mm19.69"
EFront Center743mm29.25"772mm30.39"796mm31.34"825mm32.48"860mm33.86"
FAltura eje del pedalier al suelo (BB Height)343mm13.5"343mm13.5"343mm13.5"343mm13.5"343mm13.5"
GBB Drop29mm1.14"29mm1.14"29mm1.14"29mm1.14"29mm1.14"
HDistancia entre ejes1178mm46.38"1207mm47.52"1231mm48.46"1260mm49.61"1295mm50.98"
IRear Center435mm17.13"435mm17.13"435mm17.13"435mm17.13"435mm17.13"
JLongitud del tubo de dirección90mm3.54"100mm3.94"110mm4.33"130mm5.12"155mm6.1"
KLongitud del tubo superior567mm22.32"596mm23.46"619mm24.37"646mm25.43"680mm26.77"
LÁngulo del tubo de dirección76.8°76.8°76.7°76.7°76.6°76.6°76.3°76.3°76°76°
MAltura conducción más levantada702mm27.64"714mm28.11"713mm28.07"711mm27.99"708mm27.87"
NEye to Eye Length230mm9.06"230mm9.06"230mm9.06"230mm9.06"230mm9.06"
Seatpost Length125mm125mm150mm150mm170mm170mm170mm170mm170mm170mm
Stem Length40mm40mm40mm40mm40mm40mm40mm40mm40mm40mm
Crank Length170mm170mm170mm170mm170mm170mm170mm170mm170mm170mm
Geometry Illustration LayerreachGeometry Illustration LayerstackGeometry Illustration LayerheadtubeanGeometry Illustration LayerseattubelenGeometry Illustration LayerfrontcenterGeometry Illustration LayerbbheightGeometry Illustration LayerbbdropGeometry Illustration LayerwheelbaseGeometry Illustration LayerchainstayGeometry Illustration LayerheadtubelenGeometry Illustration LayertoptubeGeometry Illustration LayerseattubeanGeometry Illustration LayerstandoverGeometry Illustration LayereyetoeyeGeometry Illustration Layerbase

Frame Sizing

5'2"157 — 5'5"165cm
5'5"165 — 5'9"175cm
5'9"175 — 6'1"185cm
6'0"183 — 6'4"193cm
6'4"193 — 6'7"201cm

Tech Support

Can I install a Chris King bottom bracket on my bike?

No, there's a chance that the bike's rear triangle will contact the outer section of the bottom bracket. If this happens, damage to the rear triangle may occur. 

Can I mount a chainguide to my bike?

Yes, this bike is equipped with ISCG-05 tabs for easy chainguide mounting. Most chainguides on the market that are made for this standard should work. We have first-hand experience with MRP and e13 Guides, which fit great.

Can I put 27.5" wheels on my Megatower?

No, the Megatower is built exclusively for 29" wheels and tires. 27+ tires won't fit, and the geometry is not setup for a conversion.

How does the chainstay-length adjustment work?

The bike ships in the short position and nothing unusual is required for this setting. The brake mount is Post-Mount 180, so just add whatever adaptor you need to make it work for your chosen rotor size (none if you want 180). Included with the bike is a special brake adaptor to adjust to the long setting. This setting only works with 200mm or larger rotors- use the included 1.5mm spacers between your caliper and the bracket if you are using 203. Put the spacers above the caliper if you are using 200mm. Once you've changed the adaptor, install the Long derailleur hanger and then flip the chip around in the non-drive dropout. There is a retaining set-screw in the chip- make sure you loosen this to remove it, then snug it up once you've re-installed the chip

I want to change my rear shock. Any limitations?

The Megatower was built to be compatible with all shocks on the market, that we're aware of. We haven't tried some of the smaller obscure brands, but it fits anything from Fox and Rockshox

Should I ride in the High or Low setting?

You should definitely try both, but we typically recommend starting in High. This will make the bike more agile and easy to get used to. If your terrain is quite steep, give Low a try. This setting lowers the BB by 3.5mm, slackens the head angle by 0.3 degrees, and generally just biases your weight a little further back. The leverage curve of the suspension changes slightly as well: it's more progressive. The geometry changes combined with the slight suspension change will make you feel like you're sat further down in the bike. Great for steep gnar, not as good for flatter corners. It's easy to change, so experiment!

What is the largest chainring I can use on the Megatower?

With a proper boost chainring (52mm chainline), the Megatower will accept a 36t chainring or smaller.

What is the recommended fork?

Our geometry is based off of a 160mm fork with a 42 or 44mm offset. We wouldn't recommend less travel than that, as the BB will get a bit low. Up to 180mm is fine if that's your preference.

What kind of headset does this bike use?

This bike uses integrated headset cups. The upper up is 41mm and the lower cup is 52mm. The SHIS name is IS 41/28.6 IS 52/40.

What size tire will fit?

In short position, the largest tire we recommend is 29x2.5". In the long chainstay setting, a 29x2.6" will fit as well.

Where can I find additional technical information for my bike?

Currently all technical info is located either on the bike archive or under tech support. Both can provide helpful information for puzzling with your bike, torque specs, and exploded diagrams.