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super 8 1 hero 1


Model Version:1
Production Start:1998
Production End:1999
Suspension/Pivot System:Single Pivot
Material:Aluminum - 6000 series
Rear Wheel Travel:190mm
Size Range:14", 17", 19"

Frame Specs

Compatible Forks:150-160mm single and dual crown forks - 160mm travel max
Headtube/Headset:1-1/8" Straight - External. S.H.I.S EC34/28.6 EC34/30
Seat Post:28.6mm - Minimum insertion 100mm
Front Derailleur:34.9mm Top Pull/Top Swing (Low Clamp)
BB Shell Width:68mm - Threaded - ISO
Chainline Spec:50mm
Recommended Max Tire Size:2.35 - may vary by tire and rim model
Brakes:Rim Brake and/or 22mm Hayes 22mm Direct Mount Caliper Hayes Disc Brake with adapter
Max Brake Rotor Size:160mm
Rear Hub:135mm x 10mm (QR style)
Seatpost Clamp:34.9mm
Component Notes:Only rear brake option was with an adaptor for Hayes 
22mm Direct Mount Caliper for Hayes Disc Brake

Shock Specs

Rear Shock Eye-to-Eye:7.875"
Mounting Bushing Width Front:22mm
Mounting Bushing Width Rear:41mm
Mounting Bolt Diameter Front:8mm
Mounting Bolt Diameter Rear:8mm
Leverage Ratio:3.3 : 1
Rear Shock Setup:Because it is highly likely the original rear shocks on older models are repaired/replaced/upgraded throughout the lifetime of the frame, we offer some very basic tuning guidelines, and recommend using the original rear shock manufacturers manual for more detailed set-up for the specific rear shock you have. Contact the rear shock manufacturer for info if you do not have it.
The key component for set-up with any rear shock here is sag. Once you have that set-up correctly, the rest of the shock settings are fine tuning adjustments (Rebound and Compression damping, etc.) set to rider preference.Recommended sag is 12-15mm at the shock shaft - This equates to approximately 25% of the total rear wheel travel. Less sag = a firmer suspension feel.For Coil rear shocks here is a rough spring size to weight guideline for average coil shocks.
This can vary based on rear shock model and manufacturer.100-130lbs - 500#140-160lbs - 550#160-170lbs - 650#180-200lbs - 750#210-230lbs - 850#
super 8 1 geometry