Free Agents

Santa Cruz Free Agents hail from all over the world, and race everything from cyclocross to four-cross, and downhill to dirt jumps. You’ll find Free Agents at the Enduro World Series, slopestyle competitions, and even the World Cup downhill circuit. 

Team Members

Danny MacAskill

Dunvegan, Scotland
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Cédric Gracia

Vallnord, Andorra
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Josh Tostado

Breckenridge, CO, USA
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Kiran MacKinnon

Santa Cruz, California
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Nathan Riddle

Ashland, Oregon, USA
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Bobby McMullen

Redding, California
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Rob Friel

Scotland, UK
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Krunk Shox

United States
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Sam Dale

United Kingdom
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Jamie Nicoll

Nelson, New Zealand
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Team Bikes

Matte Carbon & White
Gloss Blue & Mint


Travel: 216mm
Wheel size: 27.5"
Weight from: 14.22kg / 31.35lbs
Priced from: $9949 AUD (MSRP)
Gloss Tan & Black
Gloss Ink & Gold


Travel: 170mm
Wheel size: 27.5"
Weight from: 12.78kg / 28.17lbs
Priced from: $7399 AUD (MSRP)
Gloss Carbon & Sriracha
Gloss Olive & Black


Travel: 150mm
Wheel size: 27.5"
Weight from: 12.3kg / 27.13lbs
Priced from: $6649 AUD (MSRP)
Gloss Rust & Black
Gloss Carbon & Tan


Travel: 110mm
Wheel size:
29" or 27.5"+
Weight from: 11.72kg / 25.84lbs
Priced from: $7599 AUD (MSRP)
Gloss Sunset & Bronze
Gloss Fog & Copper


Travel: Hardtail
Wheel size: 700c
Weight from: 7.61kg / 16.79lbs
Priced from: $3599 (MSRP)
Gloss Mango & Orange
Gloss Cannery Grey & Blue


Travel: 135mm
Wheel size:
29" or 27.5"+
Weight from: 12.05kg / 26.57lbs
Priced from: $6949 AUD (MSRP)
Gloss Slate & Grey
Gloss Wicklow Green & Black

Hightower LT

Travel: 150mm
Wheel size: 29"
Weight from: 12.43kg / 27.41lbs
Priced from: $6949 AUD (MSRP)

Team News