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Model Version:5
Production Start:2013
Production End:2014
Suspension/Pivot System:N/A (Hardtail)
Material:Aluminum - 6000 series
Size Range:S,M,L,XL

Frame Specs

Compatible Forks:120mm - 140mm
Headtube/Headset:Tapered - 44mm zero stack/internal upper cup, with an external 49mm lower cup. The SHIS name is ZS44/28.6 EC49/40.
Seat Post:30.9mm - Minimum insertion 100mm
Front Derailleur:34.9mm Top Pull/Top Swing (Low Clamp)
BB Shell Width:73mm - Threaded - ISO
Chainline Spec:50mm
Recommended Max Tire Size:2.4 - may vary by tire and rim model
Brakes:Disc Brake - ISO
Max Brake Rotor Size:180mm
Rear Hub:*See Component Notes
Seatpost Clamp:34.9mm
Component Notes:Chameleon 5 Rear Hub notesDue to the modular dropout system used by the Chameleon 5 Rear Hub options include 135x10mm QR (geared or singlespeed) and 142x12mm TA (geared only).04-15090 - For use with 135x10mm QR hub and a rear derailleur.04-14776 - For use with 135x10mm QR hub and single speed drivetrain.04-16455 - For use with 142x12mm TA hub and a rear derailleur.

Replacement Parts

chameleon 5 exploded 2
chameleon 5 exploded 3
chameleon 5 exploded 1
chameleon 5 exploded 4
chameleon 5 exploded 5
chameleon 5 geometry