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Model Version:3
Production Start:2018
Production End:2021
Suspension/Pivot System:VPP - Virtual Pivot Point
Material:Carbon Fiber
Rear Wheel Travel:100mm

Frame Specs

Click Here to view a suspension setup guide.

Compatible Forks:100-120mm
Headtube/Headset:Tapered - Integrated Headset. 1-1/8" Upper bearing and 1.5" Lower bearing. S.H.I.S. IS 41/28.6 IS 52/40
Seat Post:31.6mm - Minimum Insertion 100mm
Front Derailleur:N/A - Single Front Chainring Only
BB Shell Width:73mm - Threaded - ISO
Recommended Max Tire Size:2.4 - may vary by tire and rim model
Max Brake Rotor Size:180mm
Rear Hub:148x12mm Through Axle
Seatpost Clamp:36.4mm

Shock Specs

Rear Shock Eye-to-Eye:170
Mounting Bushing Width Front:20x8
Mounting Bushing Width Rear:20x8
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blur blur v3 exploded 4
blur blur v3 exploded 6
blur blur v3 exploded 3
blur blur v3 exploded 2
blur blur v3 exploded 1
blur blur v3 geometry
Blur - Product Support Geometry