The Santa Cruz Syndicate Downhill Mountain Biking Team
The Santa Cruz Syndicate Downhill Mountain Biking Team


The Santa Cruz Syndicate was launched in 2006 with the lofty goal of becoming the premier team of elite riders in World Cup racing. 17 years later The Syndicate is widely regarded as the longest running and most successful band of downhill personalities the sport has ever seen.

And there are no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Greg Minnaar and his custom painted Santa Cruz V10 Downhill Bike


World Champion. Now in his 24th season of World Cup racing, and 40th year of his full-throttle Greg is the only male downhill racer with 22 UCI Downhill World Cup wins to his name. 

He has also won four World Championship titles - in 2003, 2012, 2013, and 2021. Still hitting the podium in 2022, Greg is the G.O.A.T. whose reign shows no signs of end.

Nina Hoffmann and her custom painted Santa Cruz V10 Downhill Bike


Protégé of the Juliana Bicycles program, it’s hard to imagine “The Hoff” has been racing for only a short time. 

Nina began her World Cup campaign in 2018, and by 2020 had established her own eponymous team and won a World Cup. Today her incredible trajectory continues, already winning Fort William in the first year on the Syndicate! Nina is one of the most inspiring women in racing and we’re proud to be part of it.

Laurie Greenland and his custom painted Santa Cruz V10 Downhill Bike


On our radar since his junior racing days, the stars over Greenland never quite aligned with those in California until 2022. 

The surfing, skating, bmxing Bristolian is already an accomplished racer and couldn’t be a better fit for the team! Laurie has already hit the team running with a string scorching race runs, podiums and dominant qualifiers.

Jackson Goldstone and his custom painted Santa Cruz V10 Downhill Bike


This 2021 Junior World Champion and multiple Junior World Cup winner is poised to throw a whole box of firecrackers into the Elite ranks in 2023. 

The clock tells us Jackson’s already one of the fastest guys on the hill even by Elite standards.  So Steve and Greg are coaching the former “Super Grom” through one last junior season, in preparation for his highly anticipated leap into primetime.

Steve Peat holding a 2021 V10 and a 2006 V10 - Old vs. New


Head Coach and athlete, “Peaty” is a legend in his own right, with 17 World Cup wins, three World Cup overalls and a World Championship title just a few highlights in his illustrious career.  

No rider is more experienced or better placed to support Greg and mentor Nina, Laurie and Jackson - the next generation of the sport.

Santa Cruz V10 Downhill Bike
Santa Cruz V10 Downhill Bike


Their words, not ours! We like to call it “the most consistently refined DH race bike on the circuit”. 

The V10 represents 200mm of VPP™ travel in a full carbon fibre frame package with variable geometry, kinematics and wheel size configurations. 

Little wonder it’s also one of the most prolific medalists on the DH circuit. We’re currently on the seventh iteration, and there’s yet more to come as a whole new generation of racer input helps shape the V10 of the future.

2022 Santa Cruz Syndicate Sponsor Lockup
2022 Santa Cruz Syndicate Sponsor Lockup

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