Santa Cruz-SRAM's Custom-Painted Enduro World Series Hightowers

March 24 — 2017

For the 2017 Enduro World Series season, we wanted to do something special for the Santa Cruz-SRAM Enduro team bikes. Designer David Smith had the idea to extend the EWS logo over the whole of the frames, creating something that looks a bit Mondrian, a bit like stained glass, and a lot like awesome. Scroll on for more details on the frames!

The three frames, which will each be raced by a member of the Santa Cruz-SRAM Enduro Team, each got a different base color: Aqua, Light Grey, and Black.

Mark Scott (right) and Allan Cooke, our Sports Marketing and Events Manager, get to work tearing down last year's bikes and moving parts to the new frames. 

Mark Scott spent the winter training in Santa Cruz to escape the Scottish weather, so he came by to help Allan put the bikes together before the NZ Enduro.

Each bike features Enduro World Series logos on either side of the top tube.

One of the raw frames, masked, awaiting paint. 

Final product, ready to race. 

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