Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have a question you need answered, and it's not listed below, please contact us.

Can I get some free stickers?

You want free promo stickers? We'd love to give you some, but we can't possibly respond to emailed requests.

For Free Promo Stickers please send a letter to us (at the address below) with another pre-stamped, self-addressed envelope inside (addressed to your own address) that we can use to send the free stickers back to you. 
*This is the only method for receiving free promo stickers from us by mail.

Santa Cruz Bicycles
Attn. Free Stickers

2841 Mission Street
Santa Cruz, California 95060

Note: The information above only applies to standard logo stickers, not downtube decals.
If you are looking for Santa Cruz downtube decals/frame stickers, they can be found on our webstore. You can search by model and year to find the correct decals for your bike, or pick up a colored downtube decal here.

Is Santa Cruz Bicycles related to Santa Cruz Skateboards?

NHS (Santa Cruz Skate, Snow, Surf) is our sister company.
We are both located in Santa Cruz, California. There is some joint partnership, but we are completely separate companies.

NHS contact info -

NHS, Inc. 
PO Box 2718 
Santa Cruz, CA. 

T: 831 459 7800

There is no local dealer in my area that carries Santa Cruz Bicycles. How can I order a bike?

If there are no Authorized SCB dealers in your area (within 30 miles), you have two options:

(1) Go to your favorite local bike shop, and have them order a bike for you. They need to be a retail bicycle shop dealing in new bikes with a storefront and a service department, a re-sale license, and need to be no closer than 30 miles to an existing SC Dealer. Have them call our Sales Office at 831-459-7560 and ask for the inside rep for their area. We can help sort it out from there.

(2) Order your bike Mail Order through one of our Authorized Mail Order Dealers.