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V10 handling at Syndicate speeds.

The Nomad's reputation is built on consistently pushing the envelope on how lawless a single-crown bike can get while still remaining a capable daily driver.

The latest iteration nudged the travel and geometry further towards the outer limits, and we surprised ourselves at just how well-rounded it turned out.

The fourth generation design saw a dramatic shift to the lower-link mounted shock configuration. The shock rate is a short-travel version of the V10—which means feather-light small bump sensitivity right off the bat, supportive mid-stroke, and overall progression that you'd normally only experience on a DH bike.

To handle all this newfound capability, the geometry was adapted too. It's longer and lower-slung to ensure maximum stability and confidence on absolutely everything. At the same time, the Nomad’s still a trail bike. It pedals well and tackles valley-to-valley alpine runs and all-day missions without skipping a beat—a fact helped by its pedal-friendly seat tube angle and standard 170mm dropper post fit. 

Key Features:

  • Available in: Aluminum, Carbon C & Carbon CC More Info
  • Wheel size: 27.5"
  • Front travel: 170mm
  • Rear travel: 170mm
  • Priced from $4849 (MSRP)

Build & Price

Up Close

Geometry & Sizing

Rollover table below to highlight frame dimensions.


CHead Tube Angle65°65°65°65°65°65°65°65°65°65°
DSeat Tube Length375mm14.76"390mm15.35"420mm16.54"450mm17.72"480mm18.9"
EFront Center704mm27.72"738mm29.06"762mm30"787mm30.98"821mm32.32"
FBB Height344mm13.54"344mm13.54"344mm13.54"344mm13.54"344mm13.54"
GBB Drop10mm0.39"10mm0.39"10mm0.39"10mm0.39"10mm0.39"
IChainstay Length430mm16.93"430mm16.93"430mm16.93"430mm16.93"430mm16.93"
JHead Tube Length90mm3.54"100mm3.94"110mm4.33"120mm4.72"130mm5.12"
KTop Tube Length540mm21.26"573mm22.56"596mm23.46"619mm24.37"653mm25.71"
LSeat Tube Angle74.5°74.5°74.5°74.5°74.5°74.5°74.5°74.5°74.5°74.5°
MStandover Height710mm27.95"712mm28.03"728mm28.66"726mm28.58"718mm28.27"
NEye to Eye Length230mm9.06"230mm9.06"230mm9.06"230mm9.06"230mm9.06"
Seatpost Length125mm125mm125mm125mm150mm150mm170mm170mm170mm170mm
Stem Length
Crank Length170mm170mm170mm170mm170mm170mm170mm170mm170mm170mm
Geometry Illustration LayerreachGeometry Illustration LayerstackGeometry Illustration LayerheadtubeanGeometry Illustration LayerseattubelenGeometry Illustration LayerfrontcenterGeometry Illustration LayerbbheightGeometry Illustration LayerbbdropGeometry Illustration LayerwheelbaseGeometry Illustration LayerchainstayGeometry Illustration LayerheadtubelenGeometry Illustration LayertoptubeGeometry Illustration LayerseattubeanGeometry Illustration LayerstandoverGeometry Illustration LayereyetoeyeGeometry Illustration Layerbase

Frame Sizing

4'8"142 — 5'1"155cm
5'1"155 — 5'5"165cm
5'5"165 — 5'9"175cm
5'9"175 — 6'1"185cm
6'1"185 — 6'5"196cm

Tech Support

What size fork is the Nomad designed for?

We designed it around a 170mm fork, and this will be ideal for the balance of the bike.  A 180mm fork would work as well, if you're looking for an even more gravity-oriented bike.

Can I mount a chainguide to my bike?

Yes, this bike is equipped with ISCG-05 tabs for easy chainguide mounting. Most chainguides on the market that are made for this standard should work.

I see you offer some models with a choice of coil shock or air shock- which should I get?

There is a difference in feel between the two, but neither is better than the other- just different. The air shock is more progressive than the coil, which allows for a slightly softer setup without worrying about bottoming-out. This will generally offer a smoother ride, but one that can still be ridden very aggressively and not struggle.

The coil has a slightly more linear feel/ less bottom-out resistance, which encourages a firmer overall setup. This offers the maximum mid-stroke support for berms/park riding/ pushing into turns. If you like a more responsive/firmer feel, you will probably prefer the coil. If you set the air shock up to offer a similar feel in the mid-stroke, you may struggle to achieve full travel. These aren't huge differences, but they are enough that we wanted to offer both. Obviously, the air shock offers the advantages of being lighter and easier to tune, so this will be the right choice for the majority of riders.

We know metric-sized springs are a bit hard to come by at the moment, so if you're looking to swap out the spring on your coil shock, a spring sized for an 8.2x2.5 shock will work on the 230x60 shock spec'd on the Nomad.

What kind of headset does this bike use?

This bike uses integrated headset cups. The upper up is 41mm and the lower cup is 52mm. The SHIS name is IS 41/28.6 IS 52/40.

What kind of rear brake mount does it use?

This bike uses a 180mm post mount. You cannot run a smaller rotor than that. If using 180mm rotor, your caliper will bolt straight to the mount. For 200 or 203 rotors you will need a 20mm or 23mm Post Mount adapter

What size seatpost does the Nomad/Bronson use?

31.6mm.  We spec/recommend the Reverb without the Connectamajig to maximize the amount of seatpost insertion available.  

Where can I find additional technical information for my bike?

Currently all technical info is located either on the bike archive or under tech support. Both can provide helpful information for puzzling with your bike, torque specs, and exploded diagrams.