Santa Cruz Factory Racing hits the podium at the Rock Lobster Cup

9月 01 — 2015

Santa Cruz Factory Racing powered its way to the top at the Rock Lobster Cup, held Saturday August 29 at the Bonny Doon Airport, just a stone’s throw from the Santa Cruz Bicycle headquarters.

Trading in their enduro rigs for cross bikes, the team of Santa Cruz Bicycle assembly workers and warehouse shippers took on a course that featured a massive sand pit, a plethora of logs, and single-track tighter than Scott Chapin’s skinsuit. The unofficial kick-off to the Central Coast cyclo-cross season, the race allowed the riders to shake out their Stigmatas and see the competition for 2015.


Santa Cruz Image
Patrick Rosso
Kyle Harder is probably thinking about his Bronson right now. 

A heavy morning fog sat low in the redwoods as the first group of riders took on the loose, poison oak-laden track. But by afternoon, the top racers faced a much different setting, complete with a brutal afternoon sun and lung-choking dust.

For Justin Robinson, who joined Santa Cruz Factory Racing in 2015, it was just another day on the bike as he went on to dominate multiple categories.


Santa Cruz Image
Patrick Rosso
Justin Robinson knows there’s always time for a little style.

“It was great to be on the bike and flying the new colors,” said Robinson, a Bonny Doon local. “I love racing with Scott, but I’ve never been his teammate, so I’m excited for that.”

With their orange, turquoise, and black race kits Santa Cruz Factory Racing was hard to miss and so were their results.

Robinson took 1st in 35 A Men. He figured one race wasn’t enough and also took 3rd in Elite Men, followed by Scott Chapin in 4th.


Santa Cruz Image
Patrick Rosso
Scott Chapin didn’t miss a beat Saturday and took 4th in Elite Men.

“It’s a lot different than enduro; it’s way harder,” Chapin commented after the race.

Chris Seymour was also out on the track Saturday, and did an awesome job taking 1st in Single Speed B.


Santa Cruz Image
Patrick Rosso
Single Speed is serious business. Chris Seymour on his way to 1st in Single Speed B.

“It was rough out there and I definitely need to get in better shape,” Seymour said as he watched the Elite Men race. “I need to get back to riding and doing hard rides, but I’m looking forward to this season.”

In addition to veteran racers, first time racer Kyle “Speedbump” Harder was on the course Saturday. Although he is no stranger to the XC or enduro course, cross is a whole new beast for the young ripper. 


Santa Cruz Image
Patrick Rosso
Justin Robinson on his way to 1st in 35 A Men.

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