Nathan Riddle



A professor at the United Bicycle Institute in Ashland, Oregon, Nathan has played an integral role in the landscape of American mountain biking. With a youth spent cross-country running, Nathan would find his true calling in 1996 upon discovering the world of mountain bike racing.

Nathan immediately immersed himself in the NORBAs, travelling in a converted school bus and racing DH, XC and dual slalom. He would later immerse himself in the Super D scene, the forerunner of enduro. Nathan still slays the races of his native North West, has reoccurring dreams of one-on-one combat with mountain lions and even has a tire named after him.

Photo © Nicholas B Ontiveros.


  • Équipe: Free Agents
  • Date de naissance: 18th September 1975
  • Taille: 5'9"/175cm
  • Lieu d'origine: Ashland, Oregon

Configuration de vélo

  • Frame: Santa Cruz Hightower, Megatower, and Tallboy

Temps forts de carrière

  • 1st: Oregon Enduro Series - Ashland 2013
  • 1st: Oregon Super D series champion 2011
  • 2nd: Ashland Spring Thaw All Mountain Challenge 2013
  • 2nd: Oregon Enduro Series - Ashland 2012
  • 2nd: North American Enduro Tour 2011
  • 3rd: Downieville DH  2008
  • 3rd: Downieville DH  2007
  • 4th: Downieville DH  2010
  • 4th: Downieville DH  2009