Santa Cruz Factory Racing continues CCCX podium streak

September 22 — 2015

Broken bars and bloody shins plagued Santa Cruz Factory Racing at the second round of the Central Coast Cyclo-Cross series September 13, yet the team once again ended up on top.  Sandy conditions, slick gravel, and flat turns tested the team of Santa Cruz Bicycle wheel builders and factory workers, but with a summer of enduro behind them, they excelled and blasted the course’s technical sections.

“It’s a lot more painful than enduro,” Zach Wick commented after his stunning victory in B Men. “I think the bike handling skills I picked up [mountain bike] racing definitely helped.”

It was painful, but the work paid off and Zach Wick ended up in first. 

Zach wasn’t alone in his contrast of the two disciplines. “With enduro you’re on for only a short time, while in cross you really have to learn how to pace it,” said Aaron Cole, who raced cyclo-cross for the first-time Sunday. “It’s just crazy how much more stamina you really need.”

Despite tight single track, a competitive field, and snappy, lung-busting climbs, the team represented and landed on the podium, bike and beer in hand.

Zach Wick took first in B Men, besting his teammate Kyle Harder. Harder had led the pack into the second lap, but the gravel got the better of him, causing him to crash and destroy his bike, removing him from the race.

Aaron Cole may not have been all smiles Sunday, be he said he’s coming back. 

Chris Seymour, always an over-achiever, raced both Single Speed B and Elite Men. Chris crushed the single speed race and took first. He also placed 15th in Elite Men.

“I need to get back to doing longer riders and really stretching out my legs,” Seymour said Sunday. “It was a rough course and I just need to get into it.”

Barriers mean nothing to Justin Robinson.


Justin Robinson, who has been slaying dirt and podiums since cross season got under way, was a star Sunday. Not only did he race both Master Men 35 +, where he finished first, but he took on Elite Men and finished third, bunny hopping barriers and crushing hills.

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