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  • Espacement d'essieu arrière 142 mm
  • Fourche d'axe traversant 15 mm
  • Compatible avec le changement de vitesse électronique
  • Pattes entièrement en carbone et montages de disque
  • Casque intégré
  • Acheminement du flexible de frein intérieur par le tube de fourche
  • Acheminement du câble intérieur et du flexible
  • Pédalier PressFit 30
  • Tailles 52, 54, 56, 58, 60

Build & Price

Frame Only Options

See retailer for pricing.

Geometry & Sizing

5'2" — 5'5"
5'5" — 5'8"
5'8" — 5'11"
5'11" — 6'2"
6'2" — 6'5"

Our Stigmata Fork has a 395mm axle-to-crown measurement, and a 48mm offset.

Tube de direction supérieur71°71°71.5°71.5°72°72°72.5°72.5°72.5°72.5°
Longueur de tube de direction530mm20.87"545mm21.46"560mm22.05"570mm22.44"590mm23.23"
BB Drop69mm2.72"69mm2.72"69mm2.72"69mm2.72"69mm2.72"
Longueur de la base425mm16.73"425mm16.73"425mm16.73"425mm16.73"425mm16.73"
Longueur de tube supérieur125mm4.92"145mm5.71"160mm6.3"175mm6.89"190mm7.48"
Longueur de tube supérieur530mm20.87"545mm21.46"560mm22.05"575mm22.64"595mm23.43"
Angle de tube de direction74.5°74.5°74°74°73.5°73.5°73°73°73°73°
Hauteur d'enjambement770mm30.31"786mm30.94"794mm31.26"802mm31.57"819mm32.24"

Tech & Support

Infos technologiques

Dérailleur avantClamp
Casque/tube supérieurIntegrated (IS41/IS52)
Tube de selle27.2mm
Boîte de pédalierPress Fit
Types de freinsPost-Mount Disc (140mm or 160mm rotors)
Montages de bouteilles d'eauTwo

Garantie et inscription

Lifetime Frame Warranty

Santa Cruz Bicycles will repair or replace at its option any frame it determines to be defective. The warranty will be in effect for lifetime of the original, registered owner. In order to confirm that you are the original owner, please register using our Warranty Registration Form at the time of purchase. Frames purchased prior to May 1, 2015 will be covered under the previously existing 5 year warranty. Warranties do not cover custom finishes. 

Lifetime Bearing Warranty

Santa Cruz Bicycles pivot bearings are warranted for life to the original owner of the bike. The return process is simple: fill out the Warranty Bearing Replacement Form, upload a copy of your purchase receipt, and we'll get a new set of bearings out to you within 48 hours! 


Santa Cruz carbon handlebars are warranted for a period of five years from the date of purchase. 

No-Fault Replacement

Santa Cruz Bicycles will make replacement frame parts available to the original owner at a minimal charge in the event of a crash or other non-warranty situation for the life of the bike.

File a Warranty Claim

Something not right? Use our Warranty Claim Form to file a warranty claim. We'll do everything we can to get you back to riding as fast as possible. 


If you have any other questions, or would like to follow up on a warranty claim, contact our Warranty Department

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