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Trans-Cascadia 2018


Trans-Cascadia 2018 - The Photo Recap

Octobre 02 — 2018 | Santa Cruz, CA

As the official World Cup DH and Enduro World Series seasons came to an end, the Syndicate along with Loosedog and Rat and Juliana riders Emily Slaco and Kim Hardin made the voyage to Portland, Oregon for one last evening in civilization before the crew embarked on their journey to a remote corner of southern Washington. Their final destination: the Gifford Pinchot National Forest for the 4th edition of the Santa Cruz Trans-Cascadia.

This deep, secluded corner of the Pacific Northwest would serve as their home away from home for the next five days, free of cell service and distractions - unless you consider a copious amount of delicious food, fresh loam, and good times a distraction.

Anyone on the hunt for race results can find them here.

Fall colors poppin' in the PNW.

Trans-Cascadia started as a race run by the Modus Sport Group back in 2015. It’s a blind-format style backcountry race in far-out locations of the Pacific Northwest, and this year was the 'deepest they've ever gone.' Their focus since day one has been building and improving trails that have been lost over time, as well as opening miles and miles of new trail. They keep it raw, they focus on preserving the backcountry vibe of the sport, and the best part is anyone can have fun no matter the caliber of rider.

Pre-race 'dig parties' are organized to clear or clean up primitive PNW singletrack that surrounds the area, and it's all in preparation leading up to the race. It's all for the love of good trails, good racing, and supporting the communities that welcome riders from around the world.

Santa Cruz photographer Mike Thomas was on the ground to capture the good times. Register early if you're interested in dropping in for the race or the party next year

Après vibes.


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Mike Thomas

Wheels on the ground is faster but airing it out is far more fun.

The G.O.A.T.

The Syndicate's Luca Shaw bringing that Wafflehouse focus to Washington.

Back of the bus, Peaty!

Juliana Bicycles' own Emily Slaco laying down the law on the way to first place.

First year and a first-place finish for Loris. Probably because he likes his bikes upside down.

Crank flip, bar hump ... or just playing with fire?

Dougie Fresh was on hand keeping the Syndicate rolling as usual and also had the chance to sample all the fresh tracks.

No chamois allowed!

The Rat, ripping.

How now brown pow? Corners like this were the hard-earned outcome of dig parties that the Trans-Cascadia crew held throughout the summer.

The masterminds behind Trans-Cascadia since day one - Alex, Nick, and Tommy. Without their hard work and devotion to good trails this beautiful event wouldn't exist. 

Santa Cruz with the podium sweep at Trans-Cascadia. Loris 1st, Francois 2nd, and Luca 3rd. We'll take it!

Juliana takes one and two. Emily Slaco 1st and Kim Hardin 2nd.

That's a wrap. Catch a recap of the daily video drops over here. See you next year! 

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