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Arctic Cycle

A Midwinter Rip Through Finland

Novembre 12 — 2018

Last February Santa Cruz Free Agent Jamie Nicoll teamed up with Rachel Walker and Max Schumann to take a rip on some freshly cleared trails in the Arctic Circle.

"We took the night train from Helsinki north. We were based from Ylläs village 150km North of the Arctic Circle ( this village is like the Mecca for XC skiing). During that week we did a three day trip with temperatures down to negative 35 degree Celsius (Neg -30 F) out into the Ylläs Pallas National Park staying in small remote cabins.

The rest of the time there we did day rides out into the park. The trails are formed and designed by [filmer] Timo [Veijalainen] with a small plough behind a Ski-doo. Many descents are super fun luge like trails winding through trees etc, and in these super cold temperatures one can climb really quite steep terrain too."

Take a break from the heat of summer with some Plus shredding under an Arctic sky.


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