Factory Racing Climbs Podium at Wild Wood Enduro

Juin 26 — 2017

The Santa Cruz Factory Racing team showed up in force in Mendocino at the Wild Wood adventure Enduro. After sorting out the logistics for race day, tents were staked, dinner was cooked, and the crew kicked back for a night in the woods. With clear blue skies and fast, settled trail conditions, race day would sort out well—the team had entries in seven categories with six top 10 finishes.

For the men, a decisive effort by Kyle Harder would place him at the top of the podium in the Expert 18-29 category, Jeffery Shen would place sixth in the same category, and Miguel Pacheco would match Jeffery's sixth place but in the Open Men's category instead. After the dust settled in the women's categories, Amanda Schaper would walk away with 13th place in Expert Women and Courtney Sullivan would crack the top ten and land her in 7th in Sport Women. All in all, a strong and dedicated showing by the Factory racing crew meant that everywhere you turned, there was a Santa Cruz jersey in the mix.

Congrats to all and thanks to everyone who made the race day at Wild Wood a success!

6 stages 40.2 total miles 7000' ascent

Pro Men:
Scott Chapin 8th 29:16.905
Kyle Bowman 16th 29:54.914

Open Men:
Miguel Pacheco 6th 30:08.665
Sam Markling 13th 31:02.702

Expert Men 18-29: 
Kyle Harder 1st 30:45.422
Jeffrey Shen 6th 31:39.446
Christ Seymour 10th 32:57.110

6 stages 40.2 total miles 7000' ascent (cont)

Expert Men 30-39:
Syd Newsom 13th 31:56.033
Matthew Wilbur 16th 32:21.665

Expert Women:
Amanda Schaper: 13th 41:41.650

5 stages 35 miles 6000' ascent

Sport Women:
Courtney Sullivan 7th 32:18.492 

4 stages 26.8 miles 5000' ascent

Beginner Men:
Aaron Cole 21:59.358


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