Santa Cruz Bicycles

Kiran MacKinnon

Santa Cruz, California

Altura: 6'3"
Fecha de nacimiento: 24th February 1993

Kiran started mountain biking in 2009 at the age of 16, and quickly picked up downhill racing when a friend from school introduced him to the sport. In 2010, he began working in the Santa Cruz Bicycles engineering department part-time while still in high school. Between work and school, Kiran continued downhill racing whenever possible, and was given the opportunity to race a previously strength-tested Carbon V10 prototype for his first year on the U.S. National circuit as a junior. In 2011, Kiran took that same frame to a podium at every Pro Gravity Tour event he entered, as well as to Champery, Switzerland to race at the Downhill World Championships.


Kiran now works full-time in the engineering dept. at Santa Cruz Bicycles doing product development, and continues to race Professional Downhill. 

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