Santa Cruz Bicycles

Nathan Riddle

Ashland, Oregon, USA

Altura: 5'9"/175cm
Fecha de nacimiento: 18th September 1975

Nathan started biking when he was 5 years old, but didn't start racing them until he was about 20. 

High school days were spent XC & track running, time which he admits would've been better spent racing bikes instead.

Nathan soon made up for lost time, competing in DH, XC, dual slalom and even hill climb events from 1996 onwards... all on the same bike.  Nathan also hit the entire Norba national circuit in a converted old schoolbus, a recipe that made for some good times and unprintable stories.

Motos, skis and snowboards have increasingly been replaced by parenting duties, leading classes at the United Bicycle Institute ( and having bizarre dreams about one-on-one combat with mountain lions(?).  Despite the distractions, Nathan still finds time to get out and slay bike races across the North West. 

Imaginatively nicknamed "The Riddler" by some, Nathan couldn't drum up a single riddle for his blurb here. He is also terrible at solving riddles too.  So we just call him Nathan.

Photo © Nicholas B Ontiveros.
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