Seasonal Maintenance Nomad & Blur LT

Tools Required

  • Metric Allen wrench set
  • Torque wrench
  • SCB grease gun (included with frame)

Step 1: Check Bolts for Proper Torque

  1. Use a torque wrench to check that all bolts are properly tightened (Fig. 1):
    M6 wedge bolts (lower link bolts plus the seatstay pivot bolt) 110 in/lbs if titanium, 80in/lbs if stainless. Stainless bolts will be marked THE A2-70, Ti bolts will have no markings 
    M5 wedge bolt (upper pivot in the upper link)100 in/lbs if titanium, 50in/lbs if stainless. Stainless bolts will be marked THE A2-70, Ti bolts will have no markings 
    Shock mounting bolts 190 in/lbs
    Derailleur hanger bolts 80in/lbs
  2. If any of the wedge bolts are loose, remove them and pry the tapered washer out.
  3. Use an 8mm or 5mm allen wrench (on the uppermost axle) to check torque on the pivot axle. It should be just snugged up, or 35 in/lbs.
  4. Grease the external surface of the tapered washer, and apply Loctite 242 to the bolt threads.
  5. Tighten the wedge bolt to the proper torque (see step 1)

Fig. 1

Step 2: Replace Grease in Lower Link

  1. Follow the instructions included in the grease gun package to load a grease cartridge into the gun. Squeeze the trigger until you get a consistent flow with no air pockets.
  2. Use a 9/16" or adjustable wrench and some pliers to loosen the nozzle on the gun. Hold the nut stationary and loosen the knurled cap with pliers. A vice with axle clamps also works to hold the knurled cap. (Fig. 2)
  3. Don't loosen the cap too much, just enough where you can press the gun onto the grease fittings on your lower link.
  4. Once it pops onto the fitting, tighten the knurled cap down so the gun grips the fitting. (Fig. 3)
  5. Squeeze grease into the lower link until the grease coming out of the bearing seals is clean.
  6. Loosen the grease gun nozzle so the grease gun can be easily removed, and wipe off any excess grease.

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

PDF icon seasonal_maintenace_blurlt_nomad2.pdf