Santa Cruz Bicycles

Jason Miles


Fecha de nacimiento: August 17

After spending most of his teenage years and twenties riding bikes because they were cheaper than cars, he was 'dragged' to a 24 hour mountain bike race by a competitive friend who 'forced' him to join his team of like-minded chancers. That wasn't much fun so he decided to make 24 hour mountain bike racing a much more enjoyable experience by doing them solo. That way, he wouldn't have to talk to anyone and he wouldn't have to get out of his sleeping bag every time it was his turn to ride for a bit.

Now a veteran of 30-something 24 hour solo races with a load of podium finishes and 8 or so wins, he's not entertaining the idea of retiring because "the bikes are starting to get really good now" and he's not very good at anything else anyway.

This year Jason's going to try to get better at other things (such as stage racing, sprinting across airport terminals with bikebags, bikepacking and maybe cyclocross) but has a tidy schedule of 24 hour solo races to fall back on just in case none of that works out.

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