Oakridge Dig Day with Santa Cruz Factory Racing

Mayo 05 — 2017 | Oakridge, Oregon

Over the past few seasons our Factory Racing crew has been making the eight-hour drive to Oakridge, Oregon to help build and maintain trails. Oakridge is home to the Trans-Cascadia crew (you might remember them from previous updates) and the trails surrounding the area have hours and days of sweat equity from this group of dedicated builders and riders. After our past few trips, the TC group invited us back for a weekend working in the rich forest and deep, loamy dirt our Factory Racing team was all about it.

Early on a Friday afternoon, the Team piled in Santa Cruz vehicles, swung by the grocery store for roadtrip supplies, and crushed out the eight-hour driving, arriving just in time top check in to the Westfir B&B and grab a bite before crashing in preparation for an early morning. The team was greeted by the Trans-Cascadia volunteeres bright and early the next morning and it didn't take long before everyone had a shovel or trail tool in their hand and had begun the climb into the woods. The next two days were spent putting steel and aluminum to soil; building new trails and bringing new life to well-worn lines on existing cuts.

You dig—you ride. And once the work was done, the Factory Racing team jump on their bikes and sessioned the fruits of their labors alongside the local trailcrew. All in all an awesome weekend playing in the dirt in a zone that we're happy to return to year after year!


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