Santa Cruz Factory Racing Lights Up Sea Otter

Abril 20 — 2015 | Santa Cruz, CA

With Laguna Seca Raceway so close to our factory in Santa Cruz, CA, the Factory Racing Team was well-represented at the Sea Otter Classic this past weekend. We had racers in the cyclocross, downhill, and enduro races, and in categories from Cat. 5 to Pro. Scroll on for racing photos and results.

Scott Chapin – 11th Cyclocross Pro Men; 66th Downhill Pro Men
Bo MacArthur – 51st Downhill Pro Men
Kyle Bowman – 3rd Downhill Cat 1 Men 19-21
Kyle Harder – 6th Enduro Open Men 19-29
Chris Seymour – 4th Cyclocross Singlespeed Men; 5th Cat 3/4 Cyclocross Men
Geoff Casey – 6th Cyclocross Singlespeed Men; 18th Cat 3/4 Cyclocross Men
Sam Markling – 2nd Downhill Hardtail 19-29 Men; 8th Downhill Cat 1 Men 25-29
Aaron Cole – 28th Downhill Cat 3 Men 25-29
Ian Dick – 8th Downhill Hardtail 19-29 Men
James Shields – 19th Downhill Cat 2 Men 22-24


Santa Cruz Image
Gary Perkin
Pinning numbers



Santa Cruz Image
Gary Perkin
Pre-race fuel courtesy of Verve Coffee



Santa Cruz Image
Gary Perkin
Chris Seymour and Geoff Casey duke it out



Santa Cruz Image
Gary Perkin
The tricky section in the cyclocross course just happened to be situated directly behind the Santa Cruz booth



Santa Cruz Image
Gary Perkin
Scott Chapin airs it out for the crowd


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