2019 Santa Cruz Andes Pacifico: Day 3

Febrero 22 — 2019 | Chile



Santa Cruz Bicycles - Photographer Gary Perkin

About this time every year, photo-snapper Gary Perkin picks up a camera and departs his Cape Town home to chase Santa Cruz riders around the world.
See more of Gary's photos here and read dispatches from last year's Andes Pacifico here.


The third of a series of Andes Pacifico race dispatches from our man on the ground, Gary Perkin.

Andes Pacifico Day 3

By most folks estimation today was the big one-two hike-a-bikes to over 3200m above sea level before we even got started on the first stage. Then the three stages were some of the longest of the week … one after the other all the way until 8pm. 

What a day!


Santa Cruz Image
Gary Perkin

Gringa is loaded up for the first hike a bike during the third day of the 2019 Andes Pacifico.


Santa Cruz Image
Gary Perkin

Gringa ascends the first climb on Day Three.

Our first task was to hike out of the Valle del Arpa - which was technically two hike-a-bikes with a scree slope descent in the middle losing most of the vert gained on the first hike. But the views and remoteness gained from those were some of the best moments of the Andes Pacifico so far. Glancing back over your shoulder looking back at Aconcagua and you have a serious sense of scale thrust upon you. 


Santa Cruz Image
Gary Perkin

The liaison to stage one.

The three stages of the day were quite different in the tech and flow categories but they all had one thing in common - they were long! They traversed so many different trail types - from loose rock to steep, flowy, and high-speed craziness .. they had it all. 


Santa Cruz Image
Gary Perkin

Romain Paulhan
"Really good day. It was wonderful today, we saw cowboys on horses, wonderful landscapes too. I love the feeling of feeling so small in such huge landscapes and here that feeling is so, so big. And I finished in the first position - I can’t explain that but I’m very happy."

Iago Garay

"I didn’t drift as much as some of the other days .. but I did drift a bit! It was a super fun day - I really enjoyed the views from the high Andes. I managed to put down another good day, felt faster, and was able to attack more - which I’ve never really been able to do that before in this race - so I’m really stoked on that. I'm excited to keep that going."

Josh Lewis

"Really good day, a big adventure, high up. Not the best stages for me pedaling wise,  but I reet enjoyed it. Romain is in first on the day and is killing it. Such a chill guy but a monster on the bike. Sam is smashing it too. We’re all just having fun and smiling and it's great."


Santa Cruz Image
Gary Perkin

Sam Dale
"Wonderful day. Started the day with a big old hike - probably 2 1/2 3 hours to the top of some big hills. We could actually see the highest mountain in all the Americas - north and south. Pretty cool - one to tell folks back home. As far as the riding goes it was high speed, long tracks, lots of rocks, super dusty, drifty, proper Chilean tracks and we ended the day on a high on the last one with random horses, pickups, kids on bikes and us bombing it as fast as you through it all. Yeah, we ended it on a good one. Time for an early night and see how we get on tomorrow."


Santa Cruz Image
Gary Perkin

Laura Battista
"I did have some feet up craziness today … a little bit but not too much. I managed to stay upright today but I hit a lot of rocks - I was like bouncing all over them and using them as braking bumps. It was a tough but beautiful hike up to the top with amazing scenery - it was just spectacular. I don’t think I’ve had a day riding like that before. That last stage was rowdy, super fast and loose and you could definitely link corners well. Sweet." 

Tomorrow we are heading one step close to the close with a change in camps and some more coastal range trails. 


Santa Cruz Image
Gary Perkin

Check back tomorrow for updates from Day Four.

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