Enduro World Series 2019 - Round 2 - Tasmania

Abril 01 — 2019 | Derby, Tasmania

It’s only been a week since the last Enduro World Series event? Time flies at the start of race season.

The Santa Cruz SRAM Enduro Team—Mark Scott, Iago Garay, and Krunkshox—made their way to Derby for round two and were greeted with massive crowds, jungle ripping, and the kind of rooty, rocky tracks one would expect from Tasmanian riding.


Mark with the laser-sharp focus. 

A little background on Derby: it’s a small tin mining town filled with passionate riders that over time developed into a mountain bike mecca complete with world-class trails. After the tin mining came to an end in 1948 very little was left to this village, but when the Blue Derby mountain bike trails were built, life slowly began to breathe back into this town.

The community thrives off mountain biking tourism with handfuls of bike shops, bike-themed cafes, and various watering holes. The first EWS in Tasmania was in 2017 and would once again return for 2019. It’s that good.

Scouting lines with the bar-turning Spaniard and speed-hunting Scotsman. 

Remember the mud run that was the start to the season last year? There was a moment when it looked like 2019 would follow suit… the rain fell early and continued through Saturday night. By Sunday morning everything had cleared and the guys set to the task of smashing around the dusty track on a pair of new Megatowers and under the watchful eye of Task Master/Team Manager Alex McGuinness (Krunkshox!).

Mark rolled into this round with 18th place finish under his belt and Iago a 14th from Rotorua. Over the course of the hard-run six stages in Tasmania, Mark would ultimately finish in 26th place with a top-stage finish of 18th in stage 3 and Iago would go 31st over the weekend with a top-stage finish of 20th on stage 2. Despite hitting the ground with fire in their bellies from New Zealand, this one proved a tough nut to crack for the boys.

With six weeks off until Portugal, there will be plenty of time to prep bikes, minds, and bodies for round three on the tiny island of Madeira.


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