Enduro World Series 2018 - Round 2 - Colombia

Abril 02 — 2018 | Colombia

In case you missed it: this round of racing included mud. Lots and lots of mud. After the heat and bone-dry conditions in Chile, the riding in Colombia was a downright abrupt turn of events. Over three days of practice and racing, only the urban DH prologue would dodge the bullet of slick surfaces and rain-soaked everything.

This turned the dry streets into a playground for the Santa Cruz Enduro crew; and for Free Agents Mitch Ropelato and Josh Bryceland. There was no stopping the urge to wheelie, wallride, and gap anything and everything on day one, and on day two there was just no stopping. Read on for photos and results.

Mitch held a backwheel clinic during the DH prologue, and it filled up quick.


Santa Cruz Image
Instagram Stories: @iagogaray
L: New whips for the team from Round 1. M: GOOOOAAALLLLL. R: Racing some locals for pink slips.

There was a fast line and a fun line. The fast line was on the inside.

The man behind the hustle of 50:01 edits—downright hauling through the Colombian streets.

Fast stages on Day two would put Mark into 8th place overall for the weekend.

Mitch had three top 10 stage finishes. Preparation is everything.

If you had to scrape some cement off your bike, this was your chance.

Hoots and hollers from wall-to-wall fans who weren't stopped by the rain.

Ratty tapped into his DH skillset to skip over these pesky sections of "trail."

When you gotta get the shot, you gotta get the shot.

Treacherous, wheel grabbing chutes were a hallmark of day two.

Tripoding right into round three in France. See you there.

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