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Built for big days in big terrain.

Hightower has the versatility to deal with whatever appears on the horizon.  Running either proven 29" wheels or the new monster-truck 27.5”+ standard, Hightower seamlessly adapts to the trails and style you ride, no matter where you are in the world.  

So the big question, 27.5+ or 29?


If straight line speed, rallying through rock gardens and sprinting out of turns is your bag, then 29” wheels are the big ticket. Upgrade to the new Santa Cruz Reserve carbon rims and you have a precision instrument on your hands. 


No matter what size you run, geometry remains optimized thanks to a “High/Low” setting on the upper link that flips to adjust bottom bracket height*.  Hightower’s 67° head angle, longer reach and trim chain stays combine to create an altogether different class of dreadnought in any configuration.  Meanwhile, 150mm of seat dropper, a water bottle mount, and internal routing reflect an armada of killer details. When conditions get loose and the traction just ain’t there, you’ll want to reach for bigger tires. 27.5+ elevates Hightower to a whole different level, enabling you to rise above the fray, rail the soft spots, and carry momentum where standard tires bog down.

135mm of VPP® travel is reinforced by a 148 rear axle spacing and the kind of linkage arrangement and swingarm design we reserve for the heaviest hitters in our model line up.  The resulting package leaves Hightower standing head and shoulders above anything else out there. 

*Please note: 140mm fork comes standard on the 29” kits, and is exchanged for a 150mm version on the 27+ builds to keep the 67° head angle consistent.

Key Features:

  • Available in: Carbon C & Carbon CC More Info
  • Wheel size:
    29" or 27.5"+
  • Rear travel: 135mm
  • Priced from $3999 (MSRP)

Build & Price

Up Close

Geometría y dimensiones

Rollover table below to highlight frame dimensions.

Low - 29er Standard

Measured with a fork with a 551mm axle-to-crown measurement and a 51mm offset.

CÁngulo del tubo de dirección67°67°67°67°67°67°67°67°67°67°
DLongitud del tubo de dirección390mm15.35"420mm16.54"450mm17.72"490mm19.29"510mm20.08"
EFront Center703mm27.68"730mm28.74"752mm29.61"781mm30.75"818mm32.2"
FAltura eje del pedalier al suelo (BB Height)337mm13.27"337mm13.27"337mm13.27"337mm13.27"337mm13.27"
GBB Drop33mm1.3"33mm1.3"33mm1.3"33mm1.3"33mm1.3"
HDistancia entre ejes1138mm44.8"1165mm45.87"1187mm46.73"1215mm47.83"1255mm49.41"
ILongitud de vaina435mm17.13"435mm17.13"435mm17.13"435mm17.13"435mm17.13"
JLongitud del tubo de dirección90mm3.54"95mm3.74"100mm3.94"110mm4.33"130mm5.12"
KLongitud del tubo superior574mm22.6"601mm23.66"622mm24.49"650mm25.59"685mm26.97"
LÁngulo del tubo de dirección74.3°74.3°74.3°74.3°74.3°74.3°74.3°74.3°74.3°74.3°
MAltura conducción más levantada710mm27.95"710mm27.95"713mm28.07"720mm28.35"727mm28.62"
NEye to Eye Length
Geometry Illustration LayerreachGeometry Illustration LayerstackGeometry Illustration LayerheadtubeanGeometry Illustration LayerseattubelenGeometry Illustration LayerfrontcenterGeometry Illustration LayerbbheightGeometry Illustration LayerbbdropGeometry Illustration LayerwheelbaseGeometry Illustration LayerchainstayGeometry Illustration LayerheadtubelenGeometry Illustration LayertoptubeGeometry Illustration LayerseattubeanGeometry Illustration LayerstandoverGeometry Illustration LayereyetoeyeGeometry Illustration Layerbase

Frame Sizing

5'2"157 — 5'5"165cm
5'5"165 — 5'9"175cm
5'9"175 — 6'1"185cm
6'1"185 — 6'3"191cm
6'3"191 — 6'7"201cm

Tech Support

¿Puedo montar un guía cadenas en mi bici?

Si, este modelo está equipado con el anclaje ISCG-05. La mayoría de los guía cadenas del mercado están hechos para que funcionen con este estándar.

¿Es igual la patilla de cambio de un ancho de 148x12 que el de 142x12?

No, no lo es. Hemos tenido que hacer una patilla de cambio diferente para las nuevas punteras. Son similares de aspecto, pero la mejor forma de diferenciarlas es por el aspecto exterior. La de 142x12mm tiene un acabado metálico rugoso, mientras que la de 148x12mm tiene un acabado mecanizado muy suave.