Trans-Provence 2015 - Day 5

June 25 — 2015

Big moves at during today's Trans-Provence! Chris Johnston put the hammer down, finished second-fastest on the day, and wound up in second place heading into the final day. Dylan Wolsky's holding onto 7th place, and Scott Chapin remains in second place in the amateur race, sitting 12th overall. 

Below are today's photos and recap from our man on the ground, Gary Perkin.

Wolsky gets nosy on a switchback

Another tough day on TP — aren’t they all. Today's trails were rocky and unforgiving all the way from Valdeblore to Sospel. After a climb out of the campsite riders climbed up and over Col des Deux Caires into les Granges de la Brasque for the first stage of the day from Granges to Lantosque. The 955m descent was 2 stages from last year’s race combined into one — including the 50m ascent. But what differed from last year was the trails were much much rougher than before.

The loamy goodness was long gone from past September, and replaced by roots and rocks from top to bottom over the 7km stage. It was brutal on tired bodies and equipment. Lunch in the scenic town of Lantosque and a chance to refuel or repair before heading out for the shuttle to SP18 and SP19 and the first chance to see the Mediterranean. SP18 is an local downhill track while SP19 is as rough and ready as they come. Loads of rocky drops and steps and a few off-camber scree slopes to negotiate.

Then once we got to the outskirts of Sospel a shuttle took everyone up to Baisse du Pape for SP20: The Pope of Rally. This stage was fast rocky and techy and claimed my dropout: my first incident of the week. Amazing considering what we’ve ridden. Then it was down to camp in Sospel and a chance to prepare mentally, physically, and mechanically for the last day of this year’s Trans-Provence adventure.

Where did the time go? It's weird, at the beginning of the week you think the days will never end, but then all of a sudden it's the last day and you are already thinking how you are going to miss these 12 hour days on your bike in the most amazing scenery, with trails challenging every part of you body and mind! Its an incredible journey, but now is no time to reminisce — time to head to the beach at Menton! But not before four more epic stages. A demain!

MAVIC® TRANS-PROVENCE 2015 /// DAY 5 from Trans-Provence on Vimeo.

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