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South African Demo Tour

The Santa Cruz Demo fleet tours the country putting on demo events for anyone wanting to ride a Santa Cruz bike. Working with our Santa Cruz Dealers at each stop, we do our best to seek out the best possible venues for these demos to allow you to get a true experience of the quality, performance and unique ride characteristic of the Santa Cruz bikes. What is a Santa Cruz demo? Well, its a truly unique experience; our team will spend time running you through the product range, they will ensure that the best suited model is made available for the trails and / or your riding preference, and from there work with you to set the bike up from riding position to suspension and general ergonomics. For us a demo is not a ride up and down a parking lot, but rather a true experience of what its like to own a Santa Cruz and ride it on your favourite trails.

Models change from stop-to-stop, so contact the organizers well in advance to make sure the frame you want to try will be available.

And don't forget to bring your pedals, some photo ID and a credit-card (for a damage deposit).

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Not headed to your town? Check in with your local dealer and we'll get a bike shipped out to them.

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