Trans-Cascadia and Santa Cruz Dig Up Gold in Oregon

September 21 — 2017

In a few short weeks a multi-stage race across primitive singletrack kicks off deep in the woods of Oregon. The Trans-Cascadia spans four days of blind racing through the woods on trails meticulously cut and cleared by a crew of dedicated volunteers, locals, and partners alike.

A crew from Santa Cruz packed into company vehicles, loaded up their tools, and spent a weekend in the Williamette Wilderness with the Trans-Cascadia crew digging and riding in preparation for the race. This is the second year (and second trip of the season to dig trail!) that Santa Cruz has team up with TC and this year is also the second year of the Ten for Trails giveway; a raffle where the winner will walk away with his or her choice of a custom-painted Santa Cruz. In addition, Trans-Cascadia will donate 10% of the raffle’s proceeds to a trail advocacy organization of the winner’s choice.

After a few long, hot days of digging, riding, and spending time with good friends (new and old), our Sports Marketing Manager / Do’er of Things Allan Cooke sat down with Nick Gibson, Tommy McGrath, and Alex Garner to learn more about Trans-Cascadia the organization and the race. You can catch his interview with the guys over on Pinkbike.

En route to the Williamette.

The implements of construction were always close at hand.

Evergreens in the Cascades have that magic glow.

Mornings kick off with coffee in hand and a round of dig/ride planning.

Cast iron pans that have seen a thing or two deep at the hands of dedicated builders.

Fuel the jet.

There's a happy little deer right around the corner.

You might know Allan from such places as the Official Whip-Off World Championships. He's handy with a rake too.

Maintaing these trails is a community project. None of it would be possible without many helping hands.

New for 2018: convertible jorts. Available with the flick of a blade.

If you've got to sleep under the stars somewhere...

If you demo'd a bike at the showroom this year, there's a good chance you got a high-five from Jordan Nguyen.

Where the trail ends.

What is this, a bridge for ants?

After a long, hot day this water was a little slice of Oregonian heaven.

The best dig days have a "product testing" thrown in for good measure.

CC level approval. #sendit

The Trans-Cascadia race kicks off at the end of the month. Check back for highlights from the race!

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