Syndicate Team Sponsors

If it’s got wheels and goes fast offroad, there’s a good chance Fox manufactures a shock absorber to make it go even faster. Rolling into our eighth year on Fox forks, shocks, and dropper seatposts, we’ll once again tap into the expertise of a company with over four decades of racing experience. Expect lots of puzzling, podiums, and Jordi-trolling with Fox in 2019.

“We started working with the Syndicate back in 2012 and it’s been a huge success ever since. Aside from the countless podiums we’ve achieved together, our engineering team rapidly learns to up our game from working with a team of riders at this level. The team aligns with our philosophy of work hard play hard, which keeps us motivated and hungry at the same time. For Fox, working with the Syndicate doesn’t feel like work and that chemistry is hard to come by.”

- Mark Fitzsimmons

Owning some of the most iconic tread patterns to ever leave their mark on the trail, Maxxis has been a long time sponsor of the Syndicate. From the High Roller to the Minion DHF and more recently, the Assegai (designed in collaboration with our very own Greg Minnaar), Maxxis has kept our riders on the best rubber out there—even when we needed 29er DH tires before they existed.

“The 2019 World Cup DH season marks our 12th straight year as the official tire of the Santa Cruz Syndicate! Few teams can match the consistency and results of the Syndicate over the past decade-plus of racing, and we’re extremely proud of the role we’ve played in that success. By the same token, the feedback from Greg, Luca, Loris, and teammates past has been integral to the evolution of our tread patterns, rubber compounds, and construction methods. Cheers to another season of puzzling at the pointy end of the field!”

- Aaron Chamberlain

Few brands have had as much impact on the technological advances that have catapulted mountain bikes from humble modded beach cruisers to state-of-the-art speed machines as Shimano. They’ve been involved with professional mountain bike racing from day one and part of the Syndicate since 2012, and we’re looking forward to another season between the tape.

“For almost 100-years Shimano has been creating outstanding cycling products and apparel, including flagship mountain bike components such as XTR and SAINT. Shimano is proud to develop the elite products that have taken the [Santa Cruz] Syndicate’s athletes to countless victories; this, in turn, helps develop the product template for limitless global mountain bike rides.”

- Ben Hillsdon


N12 Technologies use proprietary nanomaterial technology licensed from MIT to enable products in a range of carbon fiber applications to be tougher, lighter, and more durable. From the aerospace industry to the production of advanced bicycle wheels, N12 was an obvious choice when it came to choosing a composites technology partner for the Santa Cruz Syndicate.

“Composite wheels used in downhill racing are exposed to hostile environments, so the engineers at N12 Technologies and Santa Cruz collaborated to strengthen the Syndicate’s Reserve race wheels for the demands of elite World Cup racing. We achieved this by supplying NanoStitch, which enhances impact resistance in advanced composites while adding virtually zero weight. N12 is excited about this new partnership and we are looking forward to working with the most successful team in the history of downhill mountain biking.”

- Trip Flavin

British as meat pies and chippies, and as badass as they come, Burgtec was born to fulfill a need for race-ready components for elite World Cup athletes and weekend warriors alike. Rider-owned and operated from the outset, 2019 marks Burgtec’s first year as an official sponsor providing Greg, Luca, and Loris with bars and stems, and they’re even working on a new grip design with Greg.

"Anyone who’s played close attention to the [Syndicate’s] bikes over the years will know we've been covertly supplying components for Peaty, Greg and Josh for over a decade. Now that we’re an official team sponsor, we’re especially proud knowing that the team liked our products so much, that they were adamant we had to be officially involved. That just pumps us up to make even better products for the team and our customers."

- Dan Critchlow


Born from a desire to create products that seamlessly blend performance with beauty, Fizik (a phonetic spelling of the word physique) has the spent last 23 years embedded in every corner of professional cycling, including downhill. Fizik provides some of the most sought after perches in cycling, and we’re happy to have the modified Gobi M3 on the 29er V10s.

“It’s going to be another great year working with riders of this calibre again and we are excited to see the season kick off in Maribor. Fizik will once again supply the team with all their saddle needs and continue to develop new designs, such as the modified Gobi M3 saddle we worked on to boost clearance for the new V10 29er.”

- Erica Randi


What started in a garage in Laguna, California, 22 years ago is now a global brand with one of the most successful clip-in pedal designs ever created. The Syndicate have been racing on Crankbrothers pedals for years, and we’re excited to have them in the family for another go-round on the World Cup circuit.

“Why do we work with the Syndicate? That’s easy: we like the champagne with Sessy and the guys after a winning run, the product insight from Marshy, Dougy, and P.A, and because Greg, Luca, and Loris take our products and push them to the extreme, helping us to innovate and elevate what we can offer to mountain bikers.”

- Gaspare Licata


WD-40’s now iconic blue and yellow livery has been a staple favorite amongst cyclists for over 60 years. Joining the Syndicate for another year in the pits, WD-40 will supply the team with all the bike-specific lubricants, degreasers, and cleaning products they need to keep the V10s shipshape and ready for action.

“Working with the Syndicate is a major part of our efforts to prove the efficacy and reliability of our products, and the riders and mechanics help us spread the importance of bike maintenance to cyclists of all levels. Everyone on the team including athletes, mechanics, and support crew alike are genuine in what they do – as a brand we find this most important.”

- Robin Baloochi


What started on a bike ride in 1990 has manifested since itself into something hundreds of thousands of cyclists across the world use to fuel themselves, including our trio of World Cup downhill racers (and let’s not even start on PA’s bottomless appetite!). Clif Bar produces some of the most advanced and tastiest sports nutrition on the market, and the Syndicate are excited for another year of race fuel!

“The Syndicate is an artful balance of personality and talent. The team is inspiring, entertaining, and beyond talented; they are great not only at what they do but how they do it, full of a spirit that radiates beyond the success.”

- Ashley Gray


One of the most sought after brands in the bicycle world, Chris King continues to set the bar impossibly high and does so independently of whatever fad or passing craze the competition has latched onto. From their iconic headsets to their incredibly durable hubs, everything (including the bearings) is made in Oregon, USA, to the most stringent environmental and manufacturing standards.

“The decade long relationship with the Syndicate and Chris King has pushed us to be a better company. Our Buzzworks division is a direct result of digesting the feedback from riders and consulting the mechanics to make adjustments to products. It's a point of pride for us to have such an enduring relationship with such an incredible group of individuals that make up the Syndicate.”

- Bob Scales


Flying quietly (or not so quietly if you’re a Vital slideshow fan) under the radar in 2018, the Syndicate will be flying the Reserve flag prominently in 2019. Having already climbed the box in Andorra for their first World Cup win under Loris Vergier last year, we’ll be looking forward to seeing more Reserve DH wheels in the ‘Today’s Fastest’ spot.

"We've used the Syndicate to test carbon product for a long time, and working on a downhill rim was a no-brainer, really. World Cup DH racing has to be the single toughest environment for a rim, and the stakes are incredibly high. Whether it's torture testing under Danny MacAskill and helping Greg solve puzzles, we love the high-level feedback we get from our athletes, and it helps us make better, stronger products."

- Nic McCrae



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