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Into 'Im, Chile // Starring...

Each of these riders is different in every way except that they love two wheels. They show their love differently – flat pedals, clips, small wheels, big wheels, Megatowers, Bronsons, race pace, game face, battling for the clip or dance offs at night.

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With an insatiable appetite for two-wheeled hijinks and good times, Josh ‘Loosedog’ Lewis is never far from the action.

Born and raised in Sheffield under the tutelage of Steve Peat, Josh cut his teeth at the races before helping to spearhead a global movement with the 50to01 crew.

Meet Loose
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Mitch Ropelato

One of the most versatile people in mountain biking today, Mitch has pushed just about every discipline to the podium and made it look more fun than anyone in the process. From pump track to dual slalom and from World Cup DH to the EWS, he has left more than just his mark on the trail.

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Romain Paulhan

Fun-loving Frenchman Romain Paulhan, or ‘Paulette’ as he is more affectionately known, hails from the Massif Central, situated to the south of Les Gets. A past French National DH Champion and Enduro rider, his speed and easy smile sometimes betrays his love for #backwheel.

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Iago Garay

Iago (pronounced "Eago") Garay hails from Alalpardo, Spain; not far from Madrid. One half of the Santa Cruz Enduro team, he's no stranger to the Chilean wilds. Wayyy back when it was a power slide and devil horns thrown into the air that helped to introduce the magenta Nomad to the wild.

Since that day he's been a fixture of the world-traveling enduro crew. 

Meet Iago
Santa Cruz Bicycles

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"This is a film where crass and class aren’t at odds, where style and speed aren’t mutually exclusive, where it’s possible to see that opposites aren’t incompatible they’re complimentary."

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