Sean Bell


When did you start racing? 

13 years old & I've raced CX for 4 years and DH and Enduro for 1 year.

What's your favorite race to participate in? Spectate? 

Crankworx Whistler both to participate and spectate.

What's one thing you take with you on every bike ride (aside from the obvious bike, shoes, etc)

I always take my Blessed Mother when I ride

Tight and technical or high-speed and wide-open? 

High-speed and wide-open

What's your favorite non-bike activity?

Rock Climbing 

What are your feelings on skin suits? 

Only okay for CX and Road Biking

Where did you grow up? How did that impact where you¹ve gone in your life? 

I'm still growing up in SoCal, Orange County where there is tons of MTB trails which gave me the love for the sport!

What's your favorite pre-race meal?

Japanese Rice Breakfast 

Life motto? 

Don't Think Commit

Rider you idolized/looked up to growing up? 

Greg Minnaar

Complete the phrase, "When in doubt,____”

Commit it out!


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