Santa Cruz Bicycles - Doug Hatfield - Val Di Sole 2019

Doug Hatfield


"Dougie Fresh" is a living legend. 

A California native, Doug spent much of his youth building and bodging old bikes and working in a host of bike shops. His passion for all things bicycle would eventually lead him to Colorado and the US National Team HQ. From team mechanic to managing all aspects of team support, it wouldn’t take long for mountain biking and the World Cup circuit to enter his life.

After two highly successful stints with two factory race teams, Doug joined Santa Cruz in 2002 and has been in charge of team support since 2006, managing all equipment orders. From rims and spokes to saddles and seat posts, Dougie is in charge of ordering every nut and bolt for the whole team, including spares. Throughout his time with the Syndicate Dougie has played an integral role in the team’s success story and this continues on through the 2020 season as the newly appointed Head of Service Course.




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